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Jenna Jameson: ‘Bush didn’t destroy industry’; Lib says ‘kill yourself’



Facts are hard, to the Left.

As Twitchy reported, Mitt Romney totally scored the Jenna Jameson endorsement. Liberals, sexist to the core, swiftly turned on the former porn star and spewed their predictably vile insults. The insults are continuing, with this classy liberal telling Ms. Jameson, “kill yourself.”

@shanethvarosa obviously they are… Half the free world is talking about my quote #haveaseat

— Jenna Jameson (@jennajameson) August 5, 2012


To that misogynist, Ms. Jameson should only be reduced to the sum of her girly bits. Speak? Not allowed; she must get back into the kitchen or the bedroom. Another Twitter user tries to explain life, and class, to the cretin and a supporter.

@shanethvarosa Thank goodness 140 characters is enough for you to tweet vile and sexist comments to someone over an opinion.

— EEE (@EEElverhoy) August 5, 2012


@EEElverhoy successful business woman =/= prostitute.

— SV #CherCrew (@shanethvarosa) August 5, 2012

@shanethvarosa The racist card? Nice reach. But if that's the direction you choose to go, your arguments are obviously weak.

— EEE (@EEElverhoy) August 5, 2012

Of course. If attempts at silencing women with misogyny don’t work, try the race card! Ms. Jameson can handle herself, however, and takes this one to task with yet another fantastic “your mom” slam.

@SheaDiamond @kriscarpenter23 aaaw quoting your mom? #cute

— Jenna Jameson (@jennajameson) August 5, 2012

And composure, which always ticks off the unhinged Left.

@AngelinaCastroX looking forward to meeting u

— Jenna Jameson (@jennajameson) August 5, 2012

Awesome, Jenna. She’s also learning something that Jon Lovitz learned recently; The “tolerant” Left will attack you in a hate-filled rage merely for expressing your opinion.

@SheaDiamond @kriscarpenter23 do you spew hate at everyone who has a different political stance than you?

— Jenna Jameson (@jennajameson) August 5, 2012

Ms. Jameson is continuing to try to explain her positions to the willfully ignorant, who think everything is about porn. Well, and Bush. He’s still to blame for everything under the sun, natch.

@rawls for the millionth time, I do not work in the adult industry anymore. I vote for people that can help with dept jobs and healthcare

— Jenna Jameson (@jennajameson) August 5, 2012

👍RT @Motherlover_ I don't get all the fuss.I'm pretty sure if you asked obama abt porn he wouldn't support it. @jennajameson #ObamaGroupies

— Jenna Jameson (@jennajameson) August 5, 2012

@questlove thanks for the reply, but, once again. So many Americans are jobless, homeless, uninsured, unable to feed their families. Change

— Jenna Jameson (@jennajameson) August 5, 2012

@rawls bush opinions never affected my job. So my point is, I support candidates who will lower taxes PERIOD

— Jenna Jameson (@jennajameson) August 5, 2012

Shrinking in fear, huh, Left? That’s apparent by your impotent insult-throwing. When you’ve lost Jenna Jameson, election night no longer looks like a sure thing, does it?

Change, the real kind not the HopeandChange ™ kind, is coming,


Read more: http://twitchy.com/2012/08/05/jenna-jameson-bush-didnt-destroy-my-industry-obama-supporter-tells-her-to-kill-herself/

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