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Jesse Jackson, Jr. grappling with serious ailments; ‘Lohan alert’


The office of embattled Illinois Representative Jesse Jackson, Jr. today released a statement that the medical condition keeping Jackson from office “is more serious than we thought and initially believed.”

Jackson, citing exhaustion, has been on a leave of absence since June 10. He is under investigation by the House Ethics Committee in connection with the alleged sale of President Barack Obama’s former U.S. Senate seat by former Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich.

Thanks to the unspecific and somewhat secretive nature of the statement, it didn’t take long for the Twitterverse to wonder if Jackson’s “exhaustion” was of the kind most often associated with Hollywood celebrities.

Lohan Alert. RT @Reuters: Congressman Jesse Jackson Jr. needs 'extended' in-patient treatment http://t.co/4EgJ6LzJ

— Cuffé (@CuffyMeh) July 5, 2012

Jesse Jackson Jr. Apparently In Drug, Alchohol Rehab http://t.co/Qa2rvQJw #tcot #teaparty #lnyhbt #gop #p2 #sot

— Patrick Dollard (@PatDollard) July 6, 2012

So, he's really, really tired. RT @GeorgiaDawkins: Jesse Jackson Jr.'s condition 'more serious' : http://t.co/WhMRkQ6u

— Nic Harris (@NicTheEditor) July 5, 2012

Any post that begins with “word on the street” should be taken with a very large grain of salt. “Mystery” is more like it, but who needs more mystery in politics, especially when an ongoing investigation is involved? Less mystery, please.

Word on the streets in Chicago is @RepJJJr (Jesse Jackson Jr.) can't take the heat, tried to swallow a bottle of pills and check out. #loser

— RebelPundit™ (@RebelPundit) July 5, 2012

Rep. Jackson treated for 'more serious' ailments: The mystery surrounding U.S. Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr.'s leave of… http://t.co/xtd4b6iN

— FOX 2 News | WJBK (@FOX2News) July 6, 2012

Stil no word on whereabouts RT @suntimes: Aide: Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr.’s condition ‘more serious than we thought’ http://t.co/mrwJDJmn

— Craig Newman (@craignewman) July 5, 2012

is jesse jackson jr serious about not divulging why hospitalized? ability to serve impaired, he forfeits privacy. http://t.co/MdildkWi

— Jim Warren (@JimWarren55) July 6, 2012

Some find it hard to question the timing. The statement reportedly makes no mention of a timetable for Jackson’s return and extends his leave indefinitely.

(At least until people forget the ongoing CORRUPTION investigations!) Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr. Won’t Be Back Soon http://t.co/ollaJXTy #tcot

— Defund NPR PBS & NEA (@Jarjarbug) July 5, 2012

There’s clearly something weird going on with Jesse Jackson, Jr. http://t.co/NwVXrP4r via @theblaze I THINK HE'S GETTING #BLAGO's DISEASE

— gardenofthegodsن (@gardenofthegods) July 6, 2012

Corruptitis -> "Jesse Jackson Jr.’s Ailments ‘More Serious Than Initially Believed’ http://t.co/Ef2gCXTr #tcot #p2

— patrick long (@patflong) July 5, 2012



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