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Jets might do HBO Hard Knocks again


The New York Jets don’t care about winning football games, they just want to make headlines. That’s the only reason we could see them wanting to do HBO Hard Knocks again when they will already be under heavy media scrutiny with Tim Tebow in town.

Jets are getting a lot of attention for a team that will possibly not break the .500 record mark #QBIssues #HardKnocks

— Danny Bendlin (@danbendlin) April 2, 2012

HBO Hardknocks may follow the #Jets again? Um…No Thanks! That would take Tebowmania to another level!

— сяцмруто (@crumpyto) April 2, 2012

I really hope the #jets are om HBO's #hardknocks. I'd love to see the Tebow-Rexy dynamic

— Shravan Malaney (@ShravanMalaney) April 2, 2012

If the #Jets do #HardKnocks again, I promise to take even more Percocet and muscle relaxers than currently prescribed. #NFL

— Jeff Capellini (@GreenLanternJet) April 2, 2012


no. i don't want the Jets on hardknocks this year. too much to focus on as it is, too many doubting our intentions.

— Alyssa Lang WLTX (@AlyssaLang) April 2, 2012

I think I changed my mind. #Jets are already gona be such a circus we might as well be on #HardKnocks again. Few more cameras? #nobigdeal

— Matt Heiniger (@HeinigeronSport) April 2, 2012

The #Jets might do another #HardKnocks? Congratulations to @TimTebow on getting his own cable tv show!

— Sal (@Its_Sal) April 2, 2012

Whether its Tim Tebows media frenzy, #Jets lockeroom issues, or that Rex Ryans is an attention junkie, #HardKnocks was meant for the #Jets.

— Dennis (@UnlimitedDennis) April 2, 2012

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