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Jim Carrey loves you …. in a creepy sort of way


Funnyman Jim Carrey is back on the Twitters today, and given his recent record, you’d think that would mean another hateful rant laced with weirdo emoticons. After all, this is the man who discovered the root of all Catholic problems in the “denial of human sexuality” and essentially declared that “assault weapon” owners deserve to die.

Love you all! Even you you little sicko! 2;^P

— Jim Carrey (@JimCarrey) February 26, 2013

Nope. Today, Jim Carrey really loves you — all of you. If you want to sell bazookas on the street corner, Jim wants to give you a hug. Granted, it all rings a little hollow given the poison-keyboard nature of his past statements, but we should give him a little credit.

However, the reason for this post is not that Jim Carrey loves us. It’s to demonstrate what odd senses of humor his followers possess.

@jimcarrey What if i tell you your shoe laces are undone and when you look down i tap your head with a large soup spoon?

— Vinny Shepherd (@CubaDrive_Vinny) February 27, 2013

@jimcarrey what if I tapped your left shoulder, but I was really stood by your right shoulder?

— theboywonder (@iamtbw) February 27, 2013

@cubadrive_vinny @jimcarrey LOLOL!! I thought you were going to say Wooden Spoon!! 😀

— Laurie Brengle (@lor_star) February 27, 2013

@lor_star @jimcarrey Hmmm,wooden would seem less cruel and more organic and may even make more of a comedy noise. Maybe a plastic ladle?

— Vinny Shepherd (@CubaDrive_Vinny) February 27, 2013

@jimcarrey would bazookas make traffic better or worse? At first better then the roads would be littered with blown up cars I’m thinking

— George DeLacy(@GeorgeDeLacy) February 27, 2013

@jimcarrey what if I’m a grammar Nazi and point out your grammar errors

— Chris P Tacos (@Tacophsky) February 27, 2013

@jimcarrey You drunk, bro?

— Deanne Evans (@evans_deanne) February 27, 2013

@jimcarrey “then i will turn everyone muslim and give them bazookas”-Dead Bin Laden

— ᗩИ⚙_И⚙ᗰᗩ✞⚙ (@shouldbworking) February 27, 2013

@jimcarrey Would you still love me if I tell you that I felt some of Daniel Day-Lewis’ mannerisms were contrived, when playing Lincoln?

— Brad Daniels (@7hud11) February 27, 2013

@jimcarrey hand out microwave wepons to every body and mind controling wepons to puppet people.

— marcos salgado (@marcossalgado29) February 27, 2013

@jimcarrey I’m not gonna love you if you punch dolphins or throw babies, I’ll tell you that right now

— Ragnarok’s Angel (@RagnaroksAngel) February 27, 2013

Ooooookay then.

Read more: http://twitchy.com/2013/02/26/jim-carrey-loves-you-in-a-creepy-sort-of-way/

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