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John Luke Robertson gets engaged, shattering hopes of young girls everywhere


Last night, John Luke Robertson from “Duck Dynasty” announced his engagement.

She. Said. Yes. @marykatemce http://t.co/TPPz5fCwIE

— John Luke Robertson (@John316Luke923) October 12, 2014

Coolest engagement/birthday party ever.

— Reed Robertson (@reed6robertson) October 12, 2014

His mother, Korie, also confirmed the news this morning.

Yes, it's true @John316Luke923 proposed to this beauty @MaryKateMcE last night! We couldn't be more excited!!😍 #love pic.twitter.com/Ndia40V6VH

— Korie Robertson (@bosshogswife) October 12, 2014

It’s not sitting well with a particular segment of the population.

Well John Luke Robertson is engaged… *cue millions of teen girls crying*

— Lauren Lee (@lauren_liz_lee) October 12, 2014

John Luke Robertson is getting married……my dreams have been officially crushed.

— Jordan Cobb (@CornOnThe__COBB) October 12, 2014

John Luke proposed to his girlfriend last night. Rt to spread awareness to all teenage girls. #ThisIsHeartbreak

— madz (@m_HOLBROKK) October 12, 2014

When you find out John Luke Robertson is engaged. pic.twitter.com/9CCPEET24Q

— Heather Williams (@Heathaaaanicole) October 12, 2014

the fact that John Luke is engaged really just crushes all my dreams

— maria karnezis (@marrrkarrr) October 12, 2014

What John Luke's getting married noooooo😫💔💔

— bethany walden (@bethanywalden1) October 12, 2014

It's a sad day when you find out John-Luke Roberston is getting married… I guess I've got to find somebody else 💔💔

— ✝ ainsley (@ainsleystan) October 12, 2014

John Luke Robertson is engaged…excuse me while I go cry

— Abby Wooten (@msabbywooten) October 12, 2014

I can't go on with the rest of my life right now knowing that I will never be able to marry John Luke 😭😭😭

— Launa Burkhead (@louannjaycheer) October 12, 2014


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