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John Rich slams Dennis Rodman’s North Korea trip!/johnrich/status/307653386747138048

Plenty have been scratching their heads over Dennis Rodman’s trip to North Korea to hang out with his “really awesome” friend for life, the dictator Kim Jong Un. Country star John Rich threw in his two cents today.

Amnesty International estimates N.Korea imprisons roughly 200,000 people as political prisoners— one in every 120 citizens. @dennisrodman

— John Rich (@johnrich) March 2, 2013

@johnrich my dad was held captive by N.Koreans in 1968 for 11 months when he was on the USS Pueblo. No love for that country.

— Bonnie G (@bjgin31) March 2, 2013

@johnrich @dennisrodman Rodman should be tried for treason or renounce his US citizenship. #traitor

— Clyde (@EngBulldogTexas) March 2, 2013

@johnrich Dennis wasnt kissing up to anyone. And BTW, the status quo has done nothing to help those people. DR opened the door for change.

— Aston ‘AJ’ Bright (@astonbright) March 2, 2013

@johnrich and i have to remind you that we have threatened to nuke the world too. Actually we did nuke the world already.

— Aston ‘AJ’ Bright (@astonbright) March 2, 2013

@astonbright You equate the US bombings in WWII to what N.Korea wants to do? There’s not a vet alive who wouldn’t kick your ass right now.

— John Rich (@johnrich) March 2, 2013

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