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John Roberts: Benedict Arnold or Abraham Lincoln?!/jltho/status/219109493118734336

Conservatives are feeling a bit betrayed by Chief Justice John Roberts as a result of his ruling that ObamaCare is constitutional if it is implemented as a tax.

Lol RT @ishapiro: Hey John Roberts / This is crazy / Here's the Constitution / Rethink maybe?

— AC Slater (@acompton_) June 30, 2012


— john doe (@MyFavoriteBeach) June 30, 2012

Point being in tweets we have a long history even n SCOTUS John Roberts was wrong & tax is a violation of freedom guaranteed by Constitution

— Scott Denard (@LSDsr) June 30, 2012

Will future conservative pundits blame President Obama for health care law, or President Bush for appointing John Roberts? #dialeticalism

— maximus fish (@maximusfish) June 30, 2012

And….. Single handedly John Roberts brings our country to ruin

— AJ Meredith (@ajmeredith) June 30, 2012

Some have even called for his resignation.

RT @slone: RESIGN? On O'Reilly Factor, Law Professor Says John Roberts Should Resign Over Obamacare Ruling @gbtv

— Shell (@mshell_hughes) June 30, 2012

I bet there are four justices silently questioning whether John Roberts should resign. Can't bring myself to call him Chief Justice anymore

— the Duke (@conserv_voices) June 30, 2012

Meanwhile, liberals are hailing Roberts as “noble” and “brave” for breaking from “bitter partisanship” (otherwise known as the Constitution) to make this ruling possible.

@SenRandPaul John Roberts did what was right and placed the American law above politics.ACA now law.Thank you John Roberts.

— mike (@princereebus) June 30, 2012

HIstory will not remember Rush Limbaugh as there have always been bigoted loudmouths in society. History WILL remember John Roberts for #ACA

— Jonathan Jewel (@JonathanJewel) June 30, 2012

@middlemom To Liberals, John Roberts is Abraham Lincoln. To conservatives, he's Benedict Arnold.

— Sam Thiessen (@SamThiessen) June 30, 2012

I wanna thank Bush for appointing John Roberts. Your idiocy finally has a positive side to it.

— Hovis Gawd (@DJLeauxL) June 30, 2012

I don't get all the speculation about John Roberts. He is RWer who simply didn't want his Court to go down in history as lawless and stupid.

— Chernynkaya (@Chernynkaya) June 30, 2012

Thank you, Chief Justice John Roberts, for standing on the side of the American uninsured. You are a very brave & noble man.

— April Kolin (@Finch_McLovin) June 28, 2012

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