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Journalism prof Jeff Jarvis bemoans non-existent gag on gun control talk


Left-leaning journalism professor and blogger Jeff Jarvis believes that gun control advocates have somehow been prevented from talking about their agenda in the wake of the Newtown massacre and Webster, NY shootings.

The sane response: Huh?????

Seriously, @jeffjarvis? Who the hell is stopping you? I don’t even have TV and all I’ve heard since #Newtown is “gun control” talk.

— peoplespress (@peoplespress) December 25, 2012

Exactly. In the immediate aftermath of this month’s tragedies, every last celebrity (and we do mean every last one), media mogul, and political figure jumped on the gun-grabbing bandwagon. And worse.

Who’s gagging whom?

Shut up NRA.

— Ryan Grant Long (@Eshto) December 22, 2012

Also, shut up NRA.

— Tattycoram(@VoodooHannah) December 22, 2012

Really enjoying the enlightened #dialog as the left reasons with me “Shut up!” #NRA

— brian douglass (@BDSoCal) December 22, 2012

Anyone else have an urge to shoot anyone after playing a video game? Anyone? Shut up NRA. Maybe we should ban an assault weapons to start

— Brush (@EaglesScout73) December 22, 2012

This dude from the NRA needs to stop talking

— Andy Cohen (@BravoAndy) December 23, 2012

The NRA should not be allowed to lobby in Washington we must do all we can this time nomore talk please… #GunControl

— Marcos(@MarcosMr8310) December 21, 2012

Dear NRA, Shut up.Shut up shut up shut up shut up, Shut up, shut up.Shut up.-m

— Matthew Milo Sergi (@tersergi) December 21, 2012

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