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Ken Wahl: Obama’s ‘limousine liberal pals capitalize in Hollywood’


Boom! The actor (unverified account) was referring to a statement President Obama made, wherein he implied that what binds the GOP together is seeking to help “the rich.”

Nothing like a ‘leader’ who knows how to divide a people, and turn neighbors against one another. It’s the… fb.me/1YkkEdMMP

— Edgar Faulkner (@MrMongo) February 21, 2013

More from The Blaze:

“My sense is that their basic view is that nothing is important enough to raise taxes on wealthy individuals or corporations, and they would rather see [billions in sequester cuts to social programs]… That’s the thing that binds their party together at this point,” the president said, referring to the spending cuts scheduled to take effect March 1.

Disgusting. But, President Obama always forgets a little something when he grossly wages class warfare, as Ken Wahl points out: What about his swanky Hollyweird buddies? And what about their hypocrisy?

@kenwahl1 That’s because they are the “elite.” There must be a lot of liberal jet owners. That loophole made it through again.

— Mike G. (@thatMrGguy) February 25, 2013

@kenwahl1 The frightening thing about Obama’s lambasting the rich while living like a king is that his followers do not see he is naked.

— Dora Vera (@DoraVera2) February 25, 2013

But, hey, Hollywood and stuff! The Obamas love to canoodle with that crowd. The First Lady made an appearance at The Academy Awards last night. Using our military as props. Whatever! She had some Hollywood kissy-faces to make!

You know who does not demean and diminish our military? Actor Ken Wahl.

@kenwahl1 Thank you for the following. Glad to see you are not like the rest of Hollywood. God Bless u for being a patriot.

— Janice (@Beaglesgalore) February 25, 2013



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