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Ken Wahl on possible congressional run: ‘I don’t want your money’

“Wiseguy” actor Ken Wahl has attracted a conservative Twitter following for his tweets supporting wounded warriorsblasting Obamacare, slamming Hollyweird politics and skewering limousine libs.

The Daily Mail reports that Wahl is now considering running for Congress.

TY @DailyMailUS Ken Wahl-one-time 'sexiest man on television,' may run for Congress supported by Playboy Barbi Twins http://t.co/gon7mUN79x

— Ken Wahl (@KenWahl1) April 8, 2013

If Wahl tosses his hat in the ring, he would run as an independent.

‘If I were to do it, one of the reasons would be to go against this antiquated two-party system.’

‘Now, I don’t think that I would win,’ he conceded. ‘Maybe I’d wake up a few people. But I think it would be worse for me personally, and for the country, if I ran on a Republican ticket.’

But don’t whip out your checkbook for Wahl for Congress or WiseguyPAC. The potential candidate would rather you donate to charity instead.

I believe in free markets but US elections shouldnt b 4 sale-It's been "whoever has most $ wins" 4-2 long-Vote 4 principles not fund-raisers

— Ken Wahl (@KenWahl1) April 9, 2013

4 those of u that wanted to give me campaign $-thank u but I don't want ur $! $ corrupts pol process-Give 2 #PetRescues & #veteran charities

— Ken Wahl (@KenWahl1) April 9, 2013

Naturally, he has the support of wife Shane Barbi.

DAILY MAIL: Animal Lover KEN WAHL may run for office! He has my vote!… http://t.co/bghWVti0R0

— Barbi Twins (@Barbi_Twins) April 8, 2013

Support also poured in from followers who say, “Run, Ken, run!”

@KenWahl1 Do it!! #RunKenRun

— Donovan Payton (@dtpayton) April 9, 2013

Wise Guy for Congress HOOOAH Run Ken Run @craftylady55 @KenWahl1 @skew11

— Joseph (Joe) M Ryan (@JosephMRyan1) April 8, 2013

Endorsed! RT @daboccio: @KenWahl1 Congressman Ken "The Brick" Wahl. See how the left likes running into that.

— Heather Hampton (@6LambsMom) April 8, 2013


@RosieChihuahua I would vote for Ken Wahl!

— JD Ledford (@firedogledford) April 9, 2013



Just saw that @KenWahl1 might run for congress! Best news I have heard all day!

— heather (@CFHeather) April 8, 2013

Wahl continued slamming the Obama administration today and took a couple of swipes at Hillary 2016.

When Obama said "Hope & Change" I took it to mean,I hope we have some change left after he's done taxing the hell out of us #tcot #TeaParty

— Ken Wahl (@KenWahl1) April 9, 2013

Miracle of technology gives us the most democracy n r history-Use it wisely-Think independently.Nothing's more American-It's time 4 a change

— Ken Wahl (@KenWahl1) April 9, 2013

Obama says he's 4 the poor but had nothing but uber-rich "limo-liberals" at his fundraisers-shame!-Think Hillary will b any different? #ccot

— Ken Wahl (@KenWahl1) April 9, 2013

If Hillary is such an independent woman why doesn't she use the name Rodham instead of Clinton? Obvious-She's all about $ & marketing #tlot

— Ken Wahl (@KenWahl1) April 9, 2013

YES-special interests run r political process-That's where $ comes from 2 run campaigns-$ makes process fully corrupt-don't them buy ur vote

— Ken Wahl (@KenWahl1) April 9, 2013

Read more: http://twitchy.com/2013/04/09/actor-ken-wahl-tweets-about-possible-congressional-run-i-dont-want-your-money-give-to-charity-instead/

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