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‘Kill yourselves, NRA’: Death threats, calls for suicide abound after NRA presser


Before this morning’s presser, lefties had hoped that NRA chief Wayne LaPierre would accept blame on behalf of the NRA for last week’s massacre in Newtown. Instead, he called for our nation’s schools to be equipped with armed guards and reiterated that guns can also be tools of self-defense. That didn’t sit well with anti-gun zealots, and Twitter exploded with hate directed at LaPierre and the NRA:

Wayne LaPierre and his stooges are monsters, plain and simple. Fuck guns and fuck them.

— Ken Shane (@kenshane) December 21, 2012

Dear Wayne Lapierre, Fuck You! Most sincerely, The Moms.

— Lesley Chesterman (@lesleychestrman) December 21, 2012

LaPierre give it up. Most of us hate you more then we do the mentally ill shooter. You ARE just as responsible fuck you& your fucking guns

— laurashezbar (@LauraShezBar) December 21, 2012

Fuck you Wayne Lapierre. You have blood on your hands, please get off my TV screen.

— Chase Coxxx (@JuicyGigolo) December 21, 2012

Several Twitterers volunteered to take it to the next level and shoot NRA members and officials:

Can…can we shoot…the NRA?

— Nicholas Assunto (@NickJAss) December 21, 2012

wants to shoot the NRA in the face.

— Jennifer Longoria(@jennlongoria) December 21, 2012

@chasingthehill At times like this I wish that I was an American so that I can shoot the shit out of Wayne(the wanker Lapierre (ironic Brit)

— Elsie Assap (@ElsieAssap) December 21, 2012

While others took a more passive approach:

FUCK YOU LaPierre! Just FUCK YOU! Times like this I hope St. Peter is at the gait to send you straight to hell for eternity

— laurashezbar (@LauraShezBar) December 21, 2012

Wayne LaPierre can honestly go fuck himself

— Aran (@iAmBlanquito) December 21, 2012

Wayne LaPierre, go fuck yourself.

— Caroline ☮ (@nawRock_andRoll) December 21, 2012

dangerously delusional. go fuck yourselves forever RT @nra: “The only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun” #NRA

— wyja (@wyjaa) December 21, 2012

Seriously fuck LaPierre and the NRA and blaming music videos for violence. I hope this guys gets skull fucked on Christmas day.

— michael burns (@michaeloburns) December 21, 2012

NRA: Twats United. May I propose a rebuttal? Go fuck a cactus.

— Leigh (@Loisler) December 21, 2012

Wayne LaPierre can go fuck himself with an assault rifle.

— David McCreath (@mccreath) December 21, 2012

And hoped that someone else would do the dirty work:

The NRA said ‘The way to deal with bad people with guns is to have good people with guns’ so can someone good shoot the NRA?

— Mark Steel (@mrmarksteel) December 21, 2012


I am throwing up in my mouth #NRA #LaPierre Someone shoot him.

— shelley mendias (@ShelleyMendias) December 21, 2012

“The only way to stop a bad guy with a gun is to have a good guy with a gun,” LaPierre concluded. someone should shoot this guy

— Max Erwin (@citruscorp) December 21, 2012

Someone should shoot Wayne LaPierre in his kneecaps, then see if he thinks America needs more guns. #NRA

— Rob (@iRob90) December 21, 2012

Only one solution…SHOOT LAPIERRE #NRA

— sharon stillson (@stillonline) December 21, 2012

Since gun violence is cool now, someone should shoot Wayne LaPierre.

— Michelle DiCarlo (@hausofmichelle_) December 21, 2012

Someone should shoot Wayne LaPierre, US would be a better place without him and people who think like him #FuckTheNRA

— JayOE (@JayOE421) December 21, 2012

I wish someone would shoot Wayne LaPierre in bogus self defense so w can just move on (but really though, that’s an airtight plan)

— Michael (@Ok_ISeeYou) December 21, 2012

It’s times like these that you wish some gun wielding, never owned a TV or games psychopath would shoot up the [email protected]nra offices. #FuckTheNRA

— derrickgott (@derrickgott007) December 21, 2012

Someone shoot the NRA president before he takes my video games and movies away.

— Wild Bill (@HiBills) December 21, 2012

I’m not saying you should, but if someone were to shoot and kill high-ranking NRA officials, I don’t think I’d be upset with that person.

— Jeff Ferguson (@JeffreyTFerg) December 21, 2012

Someone shoot Lapierre right now.

— Gerald Boss (@geraldboss) December 21, 2012

Someone should shoot Wayne LaPierre for sticking to his guns. #NRA

— Dave Webster (@spectaculardave) December 21, 2012

Someone needs to shoot that “bad guy” Wayne Lapierre in the head.Real good guys don’t use guns at all you prick.

— MrProphecy (@MrPr0phecy) December 21, 2012

Someone shoot Wayne LaPierre like fifty times already let’s see how they’d respond

— mistletoe smiley (@mister_smiley) December 21, 2012

But that wasn’t enough for others, who implored LaPierre and NRA members to kill themselves:

If there is any justice in the world Wayne LaPierre will accidentally drop his gun and shoot himself in the face. #Newton

— DyslexicsRUs (@DyslexicsRUs) December 21, 2012

Blaming video games????? nigga kill yourself #NRA

— Fikki Phil Drummond (@gbrads_rants) December 21, 2012

Wayne Lapierre… Please use the guns you so protect and shoot yourself.

— Nicolas Gatto (@NickISNOTNicky) December 21, 2012

I wish the #NRA would just all shoot each other. And I’m not even an American.

— Paul Rae (@paulrae100) December 21, 2012

Why don’t the NRA put their guns to good use and shoot themselves #justathought #fuckingloons # doyles

— mart booth (@martbooth) December 21, 2012

#NRA Take those guns and shoot yourselves, you bloody idiots!!!!

— Wajid Ray (@ray6077) December 21, 2012

#NRA you absolute complete total and utter stupid cretins. Take your guns and shoot yourselves, do us all a favour

— markfendley (@markfendley) December 21, 2012

#NRA logic. Armed guards outside schools. Are you serious guys? Please kill yourselves. #Heartlessbastards

— Sam M. P. Ringoot (@FromGoldToCold) December 21, 2012

Kill yourselves, NRA RT @breakingnews At press conference, NRA blames media for allowing violent culture to come into children’s homes

— Chest Rockwell (@johnnyutah413) December 21, 2012

@microii Go fuck yourself. LaPierre is an ABSOLUTE SCUMBAG and doesn’t deserve to live. He should kill himself. #NRA

— Hannitys Head (@HannitysHead) December 21, 2012

Wayne LaPierre: kill yourself. Do what you love to do best – shoot a gun. Just place it inside your mouth first, you fucking cunt. @nra #NRA

— Arlen Riesau (@ArlenR24) December 21, 2012

Good thing leftists believe in nonviolence.



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