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Labor Department ups hashtag politics ante with grumpy cat meme


Proving once again that the Obama administration is run by children, the Labor Department has now combined hashtag advocacy with grumpy cats. Yes, this is an official Department of Labor tweet.

#RaiseTheWage pic.twitter.com/76oDQ7Mnpz

— US Labor Department (@USDOL) September 20, 2014

@USDOL not too comfortable with a major government agency using hashtag democracy.

— Common Sense, CO (@commonsenseCOLO) September 20, 2014

The cat really drives the #RaiseTheWage argument, though, doesn’t it?

@USDOL #lowercorporatetaxes

— T.H. Ison (@ti_cantstandya) September 20, 2014

@USDOL has a single person worked a minimum wage job for the past six years without a raise or gaining A marketable skill?

— Peter Winslow (@PJohnWinslow) September 20, 2014

@USDOL if you haven't gotten a raise since 2009 you probably suck at your job and don't deserve one #RaiseTheWage

— Trent Norwood (@TrentLNorwood) September 20, 2014

@USDOL 92 million out of the labor force over last 6yrs. Be glad you have a job.

— Axios (@AxiosCA) September 20, 2014


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