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Left-wing sicko hopes someone impregnates Paul Ryan’s 13-yr old daughter


The pig — a  NYC fashion editor — insists he was talking about consensual sex, not rape:

@toddkincannon not raped. Just Happily fucked.

— timBitici (@timBitici) October 12, 2012

He believes anyone who expresses outrage just needs to chill out:

Yup. Thank you. Never said raped. Why can’t people chill. Wtf. “@gottahavesomedp: @toddkincannon @timbitici He didn’t say raped…”

— timBitici (@timBitici) October 12, 2012

He believes 13-year olds have sex every day(!) … so what’s the big deal?

@laughinphlstine nope. A 15 year old can fuck a 13 year old. Happens everyday. Duh

— timBitici (@timBitici) October 12, 2012

If we don’t see the humor in it, then something must be wrong with us:

I am laughing SO hard right now. Some people are so corny and need lives. It’s twitter. Get over it. Move on.

— timBitici (@timBitici) October 12, 2012

@staceintexas lol It’s twitter. These fools need to get a life. My point was if a girl doesn’t get raped she HAS to keep the baby. That’s it

— timBitici (@timBitici) October 12, 2012

For some strange reason, though, no one else on Twitter was LOLing:

I know as a Christian, we are supposed to love one another, but it’s hard to love and respect somebody like @timbitici

— Steven Ward (@stevenmward84) October 12, 2012

I think a grown man thinking about little girls getting “happily f*cked” is creepy and sick. @timbitici @newyorkertwitter.com/timbitici/stat…

— BulletsAndBBQ (@BulletsAndBBQ) October 12, 2012

Living out your sick fantasies on twitter? Perv. MT @timbitici: @ellencarmichael I hope Ryan’s daughter gets f–ked and pregnant at 13.

— Ben Howe (@BenHowe) October 12, 2012

I hope one day some puts your balls in a vice grip Rt @timbitici: @ellencarmichael I hope Ryan’s daughter gets fucked and pregnant at 13.

— Rachael (@Miss_Wisconsin) October 12, 2012

@iam_thatdude @timbitici @ellencarmichael Worse than scum… Beyond despicable…

— Catherine Francoise (@CathFrancoise) October 12, 2012

Update: Unbelievably, this sick meme seems to be spreading:

@gopmommy I hope your daughter gets raped by your husband and can’t abort it because Romney is elected

— Violet (@violatte) October 12, 2012

Update: Apparently, Bitici is on the cast of “Shannen Says,” a show featuring Shannen Doherty that appears on WE tv (a women’s entertainment cable channel):

@twitchyteam @michellemalkin, make sure you include that TimBitici works for @wetv we.tv/RSE2Ls bit.ly/R2nX4t

— Chuck Clothier (@chuckclothier) October 12, 2012

Update: He thinks we’re sickos:

You Romney people are sickos. Thank god my friends all vote Obama. Good night.

— timBitici (@timBitici) October 12, 2012

Update: Ryan’s daughter is 10 years old. Headline has been corrected. Who speaks this way about a 10-year old?

Read more: http://twitchy.com/2012/10/12/left-wing-sicko-hopes-someone-impregnates-paul-ryans-13-year-old-daughter/

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