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Libs hate this Colo. restaurant where even the waitresses are packing!/TheScotRoberts/status/485863922663456768

Shooters Grill is probably the safest place in Rifle, Colorado. They encourage the open carrying of firearms. Even the waitresses are packing.!/ShootersGrill/status/484167706237607936

Naturally, liberals absolutely love the idea.!/happyloner/status/485860516611383297!/ATwre/status/485865517035429888

They still don’t get it. Someone who wants to make trouble with a gun almost always picks a place where his targets are unlikely to shoot back.!/foxweld/status/485867364294991872!/LindaDono/status/484043145559412736

They serve breakfast all day and there probably aren’t any liberals to spoil the fun. Sounds like a great place.

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