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Lisa Lampanelli: RNC attendees are, like, totally gay


Following in the steps of other GOP-hating wannabe-comedians like Jennifer Granholm, the self-proclaimed “lovable Queen of Mean” decided that nothing could be more lovable than a little good old-fashioned jackassery. She hates Republicans, so Republicans are gay and stuff! Get it?

Her equally charming followers kept the classy train a-rollin’:

@LisaLampanelli I live in Tampa, and it's a well known fact that the gay prostitutes in town have been gearing up for the influx of business

— ScarlettSeraph (@ScarlettSeraph) August 27, 2012

@LisaLampanelli buy 1 nut rub, get the 2nd nut rub for free-found it on groupon

— jonesy (@flyboy4014) August 27, 2012

@LisaLampanelli It'll add to their experience in international relations.

— Surprise_Island (@Surprise_Island) August 27, 2012

@LisaLampanelli c'mon you know they get their sex in the bathrooms at the airport!

— Toots (@Tootsinmn) August 27, 2012

@LisaLampanelli or the hotel lobby washroom…

— krcurrie (@krcurrie1) August 27, 2012

@LisaLampanelli Pay? Men's stall is free. T.O.A.D. lyrics, tap 3 x on the floor if you'll blow me, twice on my pipe if u take it in the rear

— John Russ Smith (@FlarussSmith) August 27, 2012

@LisaLampanelli Gabe Athouse is one of Sal's favourite fake names when calling a "Red-neck" religious radio show.I prefer 'Mikociz Aiken'.

— Graeme (@bolaxed) August 27, 2012

@LisaLampanelli I bet TB area Massueses are busy as hell today! Do GOPers repeat "FILLIBUSTER" to keep from cuming?

— Don't Be So Fucking (@dontbefnserious) August 27, 2012

Boy oh boy! Gay-baiting sure is hilaaaaaaaarious when liberals do it! Homosexuals are repeatedly reduced to serving as pawns in the Left’s twisted political games. And if you happen to actually be a gay Republican? Watch out. Lefties thrive on identity politics; it’s only natural that they’d weaponize them. That’s disgusting and shameful — and Lampanelli and her ilk couldn’t be more proud of themselves.

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