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Los Angeles Times reporter: Ted Nugent arrives for SOTU, deputy dies


Um, what? We know Los Angeles Times political reporter Maeve Reston has only 140 characters to work with in each tweet, but we really need her to connect the dots for us on this one. A deputy tragically has been reported dead following a shootout with fugitive Christopher Dorner. Therefore, Ted Nugent shouldn’t attend the president’s state of the union address? Did Second Amendment supporter Nugent have something to do with the killings currently suspected to have been the work of gun control proponent Chris Dorner?

As Rep. Stockman shows up with Ted Nugent(per @philiprucker), @latimes confirms one Sheriff’s Deputy has died in Dorner shootout today

— Maeve Reston(@MaeveReston) February 12, 2013

So, wait, one more time: this photo of Rep. Steve Stockman (R-Texas) has what to do with Dorner?

Stockman and @tednugent twitter.com/SteveStockmanT…

— Rep. Steve Stockman (@SteveStockmanTX) February 12, 2013

Marines hanging around the office waiting to meet Nugent. He’s making time to say hello and thank them. Big USO supporter.

— Rep. Steve Stockman (@SteveStockmanTX) February 12, 2013

Several people whose lives have been touched by gun violence will be in attendance at the state of the union address tonight. It’s OK if they attend, right?

Inspired by my #SOTU guest Lynn McDonnell’s moving words about her daughter Grace, a victim of gun violence @ Newtown twitter.com/RepLoisFrankel…

— Rep. Lois Frankel (@RepLoisFrankel) February 12, 2013

Sen Elizabeth Warren @elizabethforma‘s (Dem-MA) guest to #SOTU tonight is mother of gun shooting victim, Kim Odom bit.ly/Yb1ftp

— Egghead Odewale (@eggheader) February 12, 2013

Powerful: Delegate @eleanornorton‘s #SOTU guest is Nardyne Jeffries, mother of a victim of the 2010 S. Capitol Street Massacre. #GunControl

— Markus E. Batchelor (@MarkusBatchelor) February 12, 2013

Peter Read, father of #VirginiaTech shooting victim Mary Read, will be my guest in House Gallery for @barackobama‘s #SOTU address tonight.

— Gerry Connolly (@GerryConnolly) February 12, 2013

[email protected]senfeinstein invites 1999 LA shooting victim as #SOTU guest tomorrow night. Obviously 2 highlight her gun bill..

— John Myers (@johnmyers) February 11, 2013

* * *

Update: We’ve found a runner-up for tonight’s Ted Nugent non sequitur award.

Ted Nugent: Democratic congressman who uses wheelchair has “sh*t for brains” huff.to/12K6QfR

— HuffPost Politics (@HuffPostPol) February 13, 2013

[email protected]huffpostpol Why is the word “wheelchair”in this tweet? What relevance does it have?

— Nick Hentoff (@Nick_Hentoff) February 13, 2013

Yes, Nugent’s comment, while certainly rude, had nothing to do with the congressman’s use of a wheelchair. So why include it in the tweet?

Read more: http://twitchy.com/2013/02/12/la-times-reporters-non-sequitur-ted-nugent-arrives-for-sotu-deputy-dies-in-dorner-gunfight/

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