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Louisiana Parish President Caught In Sexting Scandal With Teenage Boy

Jefferson Parish President Mike Yenni had a lot to apologize for when he released the commercial below on October 6.

The 40-year-old public official was caught inappropriately texting a 17-year-old boy last summer while holding the office of mayor in Kenner, Louisiana.

When the news came out, almost every elected Jefferson Parish official called for his resignation.

While no one knows what the contents of the texts are, they have been reported to be sexual in nature. Even so, Yenni refused to leave his post or discontinue activities at Jefferson Parish schools for days after the scandal broke.

Yenni, facing backlash, finally agreed to suspend his operations at schools on October 11.

In a letter to the school board, he wrote, “I recognize the concern that I have caused you in your role as a member of the Jefferson Parish School Board and have voluntarily suspended all appearances relating to Jefferson Parish Schools.”

“I am not going to burden you with my personal challenge,” Yenni continues, “and I am hopeful that further scrutiny will prove that I made a disappointing mistake for which I have taken full responsibility and apologized to all parties involved.”

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Despite repeated calls to resign, including from the entire City Council, Mike Yenni insists he can still govern.

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