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Marion Barry has no love for Twitchy!/marionbarryjr/status/268122049900343296

It looks as if Twitchy caused a minor dust-up in the nation’s capital today. Will Sommer of the Washington City Paper took notice of our post mocking the photo ID requirement at Marion Barry’s Thanksgiving turkey giveaway — and caught the attention of Marion Barry himself!

Who’s the turkey? Michelle Malkin takes a dig at Marion Barry over Thanksgiving giveaway.

— City Paper (@wcp) November 12, 2012

The ex-con ex-mayor thinks we’re heartless for dissing his turkeyfest, but we have nothing against giving turkeys to the poor. We just think it’s a bit odd that he needs a photo ID to protect his turkeys from people who don’t live in his city council ward (yes, he’s still on the city council). Yet, somehow he doesn’t seem to think that our sacred voting rights deserve the same protection.

The back and forth between him and the City Paper reporter got especially interesting after the reporter seemed to suggest that the photo ID requirement is unfair.

@wcp There are 15k families who need and would love help for a thanksgiving family dinner.?: what are the critics doing for ppl in need?

— Marion S. Barry, Jr. (@marionbarryjr) November 12, 2012

@wcp Furthermore, the fact that some make light of people in need of help to have a decent Thanksgiving sickens me.#getaheart…or ct*u

— Marion S. Barry, Jr. (@marionbarryjr) November 12, 2012

@marionbarryjr Not trashing the turkeys. Even if I was, attaching strings to the turkey does seem worse

— Will Sommer (@willsommer) November 12, 2012

@willsommer Will, how else are we to ensure our w8 is served?I wish we could provide for everyone but there are only 2k.Ideas?

— Marion S. Barry, Jr. (@marionbarryjr) November 12, 2012

@marionbarryjr I don’t have a problem with the Ward 8 residency requirement.

— Will Sommer (@willsommer) November 12, 2012

@willsommer Also when u tell me your idea on how to serve w8 constituents, let me know what u r doing to serve our community this year.

— Marion S. Barry, Jr. (@marionbarryjr) November 12, 2012

@marionbarryjr Think you’re missing the point of the post. Will keep you in the loop re: Ward 8.

— Will Sommer (@willsommer) November 12, 2012

At this point, the paper’s editor had to cut in and say that the intent was really to mock us here at Twitchy. 

@marionbarryjr @willsommer I think the idea of that post was to mock the Twitchy post attacking the turkey giveaway.

— Mike Madden (@mikemadden) November 12, 2012

@mikemadden @willsommer will do.But dont make fun of people’s needs in w8.It is too serious a subject.I ain’t laughing.

— Marion S. Barry, Jr. (@marionbarryjr) November 12, 2012

@marionbarryjr @willsommer We did not intend to make fun of anyone’s need in W8, only to make fun of Michelle Malkin’s coverage of it.

— Mike Madden (@mikemadden) November 12, 2012

Really, Mike Madden? Did you have to ruin all the fun?

Oh well, don’t mind us. We’re just a little conservative website. The opportunity to kiss up to a notoriously corrupt politician is well worth throwing us under the bus!


Shorter Marion Barry:

Twitch set him up. RT @twitchyteam: Marion Barry has no love for Twitchy

— Nathan Wurtzel (@NathanWurtzel) November 13, 2012



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