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Mary Landrieu hits another tailgate party, dances the ‘Wobble’ [Video]


Louisiana Sen. Mary Landrieu went to a tailgate part at Southern University over the weekend and this happened. Enjoy:

Did anyone actually think the Senior Senator from LA wouldn't know how to wobble at the Southern tailgate? C'mon. https://t.co/a6YLQdN7ym

— Guy Cecil (@guycecil) October 9, 2014

First the keg stand and now this? She’s really trying hard for that “bro” vote.


‘It’s just the way we roll’: Sen. Mary Landrieu defends keg stand photos

So. What’s up with Sen. Mary Landrieu and keg stands? (This happened) [photos]



Read more: http://twitchy.com/2014/10/10/mary-landrieu-hits-another-tailgate-party-dances-the-wobble-video/

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