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Maybe people aren’t so sick of Hillary Clinton’s emails

Aftera disastrous exchange this summer with Fox News’ Ed Henry about the possible wiping of her private email server, Clinton made itloud and clear that Americans don’t care about her emails, informing the press while walking away from them that they’re the only ones who ever ask her about them.

At last night’s Democratic presidential debate, candidate Bernie Sanders also made it a point to declare that he’s “sick and tired” of hearing about Hillary Clinton’s “damn emails,” to which she enthusiastically replied, “So am I.”

However, a new joint poll byInvestor’s Business Dailyand theTechnoMetrica Institute of Policy and Politics shows that 69 percent of voters want a special prosecutor appointed to investigate Clinton’s emails.

Maybe the applause for Sanders last night wasn’t indicative of the entire country, some of whom don’t become so easily sick and tired when uncovering the truth is involved.

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