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Meghan McCain shows her colors with American flag scarf


She wasn’t exactly draping herself in the flag, but Meghan McCain did rock a stars-and-stripes scarf today, to general approval.

@McCainBlogette Ummm…I'm not going to say what celebrity you very much resemble in this pic. You may not like it. LOL

— chrish43 (@chrish43) July 14, 2012

@McCainBlogette Look like a rock star!

— Kenneth Long (@kenlongesq) July 14, 2012

@McCainBlogette Smokin'!

— David Renner (@DavidRenner7) July 14, 2012

I NEED ONE!!!!! “@McCainBlogette: Day off look – this American Flag scarf is by "God Save LA" and I'm obsessed w it! http://t.co/P9Ai5kMw

— Leeann Tweeden (@LeeannTweeden) July 14, 2012

It really does look like a flag from this angle. Could we get some controversy started here?

@McCainBlogette If a liberal took the same picture conservatives would accuse them of being disrespectful towards the flag. #butyoulookhot

— Tom Moran (@Piscesboy69) July 14, 2012

Speaking of controversies, it seems the Olympic uniforms are still on a few minds.

@McCainBlogette Is it made in China?

— Anthony LaPenta (@AnthonyUPS) July 14, 2012


Read more: http://twitchy.com/2012/07/14/meghan-mccain-shows-her-colors-with-american-flag-scarf/

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