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Megyn Kelly breaks down on air during Newtown segment


Fox News’ Megyn Kelly is known for her tough-as-nails demeanor, but this afternoon on “America Live,” while discussing the Newtown tragedy, she broke down.

wow. @megynkelly is breaking down on the air after playing that clip about the CT shooting

— Rick Bulow (@RickBulow1974) December 17, 2012

#megynkelly is even crying #icanttakethis #ineedtovisitthesefamilies

— Sam Sprague (@sprague_sam) December 17, 2012

We saw different @megynkelly today— lets make some efforts to make our kids safe.#Newtown

— Anonymous Hedgefund(@HedgefundPLAY) December 17, 2012

I can’t watch anyone else report on this tragedy but @megynkelly – she has the facts and raw emotion.

— Samantha Czosnek (@samantha_cz) December 17, 2012

Megyn Kelly just about broke down talking about a clip she just played w/parents of one of the kids. This is why I can’t watch the news.

— Lisa (@ourlittleorc) December 17, 2012

It seems like we lost a bit of ourselves on Friday.The world got a bit darker. – Megyn Kelly

— Renee (@PurrpleCatMama) December 17, 2012

Viewers thanked her for her emotional honesty:

@megynkelly I love you for showing how real you are. Earlier also you said about who we associate with. MOVED BY YOUR WORDS. Thank You

— SeaGrips63 (@SeaGrips63) December 17, 2012

@megynkelly Thank you for your reporting. We love you. Stay strong. Tears mean you care.

— John R. Nall (@M119Gunner) December 17, 2012

@megynkelly watching you now. You are such an inspiration.(((Hugs))) to you.

— Rena Newcomb (@_RainyDayWoman) December 17, 2012

@megynkelly you are doing such a great job reporting the tragedy in Newtown, CT. Thank you for your sensitivity and compassion. God bless.

— joan graham (@babylonjj) December 17, 2012

@megynkellyBless your heart.We shed tears together, united as parents.Stay strong.

— Jeanette Barr (@jnet64) December 17, 2012

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