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Mich. schools close as teachers protest right-to-work in Lansing, students thrilled


When the morning bell rings tomorrow, the desks at several Michigan schools will be empty. Schools are closing in anticipation of teachers calling in sick in order to protest the state legislature’s recent votes on right-to-work legislation:

UPDATE: a 2nd MI school district forced to close Tuesday so teachers can protest in Lansing. herit.ag/UQd4WP

— Lachlan Markay (@lachlan) December 10, 2012

Warren Con & Taylor schools closed tomorrow. Look out, Lansing!

— Cara Hice Lougheed (@WonderTeach) December 10, 2012

Schools in Taylor and Warren face inadequate staffing and a short supply of substitute teachers and therefore will be unable to operate.

I guess a lot of teachers are going to Lansing tomorrow so there won’t be enough teachers at school. So thy might just call school off.😁

— hannah keller. (@hannahkellerr) December 10, 2012

No school because of support of the union vote in lansing tomorrow. Most likely a lack of staff tomorrow. To everyone that is curious.

— Karlee Harding (@HKarlee_) December 10, 2012

@ijgots2luvme We have no school tomorrow, cuz the teachers r going to lansing..

— ☆WeRTheCrazyKids☆ (@_KPIDPTNT_) December 10, 2012

all my teachers are going to lansing so no school for me

— Giovanna (@drinkbl3achplz) December 10, 2012

@nicoleragnoni all of our teachers are going to Lansing to protest or something 😁

— Jacquelyn Barwin (@jackiebarwin) December 10, 2012

For students, the strike means a day off from school, and they couldn’t be happier:


— Haley Sesi (@haley_sesi) December 10, 2012

No school tomorrow because teachers are protesting against the Right to Work act in Lansing. Thank god!

— Miley Ray Cyrus (@WeRockMiley) December 10, 2012

I FREAKING LOVE MY TEACHERS FOR DECIDING TO PROTEST AT LANSING TOMORROW!! & I love our administration more for deciding to cancel school 💃💃

— Nansi Zakar (@NansiZakar) December 10, 2012

Anyways I don’t have school tomorrow bc all the teachers at my school are going to Lansing to protest hallelujah

— Sam is a Queen (@s4mstagram) December 10, 2012

That awesome moment when they announce that there’s no school tomorrow because all the teachers are goingto Lansing to protest >>>

— Kim (@SowrongitsKIM) December 10, 2012

We Don’t Have School Tomorrow Beacause All The Teachers Going To Lansing To Protest (:

— ❤Ja’niyla❤ (@KissMe_Meak) December 10, 2012

Others not “fortunate” enough to live in Taylor or Warren are hoping that their schools follow suit:

Really hoping all the teachers decide to go protest in Lansing tomorrow so we don’t have to go to school! #notenoughsubs #praying

— Jackson Niemi (@JacksonNiemi) December 10, 2012

Hopefully all the teachers go to Lansing to protest tmrw and we won’t have school #wishfulthinking

— alexis featherston (@_afeather) December 10, 2012

why can’t our teachers at tower go protest in Lansing?

— Serena Voss (@xoxobossyy) December 10, 2012

Our teachers better go protest in Lansing tomorrow. #CancelChippewa

— Taylor (@ItsTheGinge96) December 10, 2012

Praying to god more teachers start going to this shit in lansing so we can have tomorrow off too!

— megan snider (@Megansniderr) December 10, 2012

why cant tower go protest in lansing???

— ♡ heather ♡ (@HeatherYagloski) December 10, 2012

I would love if all the teachers took the day off tomorrow to go to Lansing & we didn’t have school. #wishfulthinking 🙏

— Lindsay Darnell (@lindsay_darnell) December 10, 2012

So jealous the school district my sister teaches in doesn’t have school tomorrow cause all the teachers are going to Lansing to protest

— Carley Born (@Carley_Born) December 10, 2012

Crossing my fingers that the teachers at northern want to go to the ralley in Lansing so that they will cancel school #pray #please 😩

— Page DuBois (@pageduboiss) December 10, 2012

Yo our teachers need to get their asses to Lansing!!

— Garrett(@5_Garrett) December 10, 2012

Lovely. Essentially, striking teachers — adults — are throwing a colossal temper tantrum and teaching children that that sort of behavior is not only acceptable, but productive and desirable. Shameful. In aligning with union thugs and buying into Leftist lies about the right to work, these teachers are willfully hurting the students that they should be protecting.

Always putting kids first. NOT! Warren Con Schools will be closed Tuesday because many staff members going to Lansing for #RTW @micapcon

— Nick Hawatmeh (@NicolaHawatmeh) December 10, 2012

URGENT: Warren, #MI schools closing tomorrow because teachers are going to protest #rtw in Lansing. Children held hostage!

— Shelley M G (@ShelleyMGO) December 10, 2012

Mad, so screw the kids eh? MT @wxyzdetroit: Warren Con. Schools cancel classes as many teachers head to Lansing in protest of Right to Work.

— Patrick (@GunOfBavaria) December 10, 2012

All about the kids? RT @mlive_detroit: Taylor schools cancel school Tuesday b/c teachers protesting #rtw in Lansing. ow.ly/fYYKr

— Eric J Guerin (@EricJGuerin) December 10, 2012

If you call in sick and show up in Lansing Tuesday, are we too believe it’s about the kids?

— Scott Young (@redreddog) December 10, 2012

If you are a teacher you aren’t gaining any support from me by canceling school tomorrow so you can march on Lansing. #stupid

— My Son’s Biggest Fan (@mrssmartypantz) December 10, 2012

Lansing protestors are to be pitied and prayed for. Their universal motto- Students Last! #backchannel #EarlyRisers #tcot

— Bruce Davidson (@defeat_the_left) December 10, 2012

Indeed. If this is the kind of education these teachers have to offer our students, we’re in big trouble.

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