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Michael Moore wants Justice Scalia fitted for Klan hood


The liberal freak-out over Justice Antonin Scalia’s remarks on Section 5 of the Voting Rights Act was predictably over the top today. As Twitchy reported, Scalia argued simply that “when you are treating different states differently,” the government has to demonstrate “that there’s a good reason for it.” No legislator would dare call for the repeal of Section 5 for fear of being labeled a racist — as Scalia immediately was.

Leave it to Michael Moore, though, to bring “Django Unchained” into the scenario. If Harry Reid could manage to work Quentin Tarantino’s movie into a Rosa Parks ceremony, why not?

Idiot. Total idiot. RT @nycsouthpaw: Michael Moore puts Scalia in the KKK twitter.com/nycsouthpaw/st…

— Mike Nellis (@MikeNellis) February 28, 2013

@mmflint Ahhh yes nothing but mature, tolerant, love all, respect all sentiment from the party of “peace,” “love,” and “tolerance” #Pathetic

— Loudmouth Elephant (@LMElephantBlog) February 28, 2013

Read more: http://twitchy.com/2013/02/27/michael-moore-wants-justice-scalia-fitted-for-django-klan-hood/

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