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Michael Strahan and Usher bop to ‘Call Me, Maybe’


Why’s “Michael Strahan” trending? Because this happened at the NFC Championship this afternoon.

Usher Baby!! @usherraymondiv and @michaelstrahan hanging out at the #NFCCHAMPIONSHIP. twitter.com/NFLONFOX/statu…

— FOX SPORTS: NFL (@NFLONFOX) January 20, 2013

The NFL star and the pop star sat together while Carly Rae Jepsen’s “Call Me, Maybe” played in the background. They bopped to the bubble-gum hit to the amusement of viewers. Well, Usher, not so much…

I love that @michaelstrahan was rocking out to “Call Me Maybe” before the half! Love him!

— KC (@ItsjustKC) January 20, 2013

Michael Strahan and Usher sitting together on the sidelines, gently swaying in time with “Call Me Maybe”

— Kyle Gilkeson (@KyleGilkeson) January 20, 2013

Michael Strahan was totally just jamming out to Call Me Maybe. And he was sitting next to Usher. Lol

— Jennifer Hopkins (@jenn_hop) January 20, 2013

Usher was lookin mad af and Michael Strahan was just jammin lol

— Redd (@Ms_KYork) January 20, 2013

Oh @michaelstrahan, don’t dance to “Call me maybe” lol! Oh and hellllllo Usher!!

— Stephanie Hakim (@StephanieHakim) January 20, 2013

Michael Strahan, sitting next to Usher, and bopping to “Call Me Maybe” = bizarro world.

— Jessica Morgan (@acissej138) January 20, 2013

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