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Michelle Obama calls on Congress to ‘do something worthy’ on guns


We’ll assume the “wow” elicited from the Washington Post’s Philip Rucker has to do with first lady Michelle Obama’s direct appeal to Congress to act on her husband’s gun control proposals. In a preview of Mrs. Obama’s appearances today in Chicago, Rucker had written, “White House officials say that the first lady will speak from the perspective of a mother, not as a gun-control booster. And unlike the president, aides said, she will not call on Congress to do anything.”

did FLOTUS go rogue? WH to Post: “unlike the president, aides said, she will not call on Congress to do anything.” washingtonpost.com/politics/miche…

— Rick Klein (@rickklein) April 10, 2013

FLOTUS remarks make clear she is personally weighing into the gun-control fight brewing in Congress. #Chicago

— John McCormick (@McCormickJohn) April 10, 2013

#FLOTUS: Mrs. Obama speaking in #Chicago pushes gun vote:”These reforms deserve a vote in Congress…come together to do something worthy”

— Steve Grzanich (@SteveGrzanich) April 10, 2013

[email protected]flotus spoke today in #Chicago about youth violence & remembered Hadiya Pendleton: “Hadiya was me. And I was her. But I got to grow up.”

— Valerie Jarrett (@vj44) April 10, 2013

FLOTUS voice shaking with emotion, nearly in tears as she speaks of #HidayaPendleton “come together to do some worthy”

— Mary Ann Ahern (@MaryAnnAhernNBC) April 10, 2013

Rucker’s piece did, however, suggest that the first lady’s speech would be “a rare foray into the politics of the day that could presage a more activist role during her husband’s second term.”

CNN Erin McPike described the move as a “risk” for the first lady, but it certainly wasn’t a risk to her standing with the media.

We’ll post story on FLOTUS later today… It’s different than when she got involved in Olympics bid + her popularity took a small hit.

— Erin McPike (@ErinMcPike) April 10, 2013

In the same way Tucson was personal to POTUS (he mentioned his daughters), now gun control is personal to FLOTUS w Chicago connection.

— Erin McPike (@ErinMcPike) April 10, 2013

The Tucson speech actually boosted things for POTUS; of course, this is the first time FLOTUS has taken a risk of urging Congress to act.

— Erin McPike (@ErinMcPike) April 10, 2013

FLOTUS made a rare, emotional step into the political fray as she talked about violence and Hadiya in Chicago politi.co/YdmVVA

— Jennifer Epstein (@jeneps) April 10, 2013

The majority of the speech adhered to less-risky suggestions to curtail gun violence, such as making sure that young people have access to computer labs, community centers and basketball courts.

FLOTUS: You have to wonder what if instead of roaming around w/guns, boys like them had access to a computer lab or decent basketball courts

— FLOTUSnews (@FLOTUSnews) April 10, 2013

So, is it time to pour more a few more million into social programs like midnight basketball?

@flotus spending a wednesday in the 312 raising $$$ for midnight basketball

— j (@davesmith3) April 10, 2013

WOW…. @flotus is REALLY challenging the business leaders in Chicago to step up! #gunviolence chicago.cbslocal.com/live-video/

— Millie Phaeton (@phaeth) April 10, 2013

“This is going to take a serious and sustained investment over a very long period of time, people. This is forever,” FLOTUS says in Chicago.

— John McCormick (@McCormickJohn) April 10, 2013

It’s sad that the unemployment rate for Blacks in Chicago is 19%and Obama is doing nothing. Maybe that’s what FLOTUS was crying about.

— Lumumba Moulton (@lumumba74) April 10, 2013

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