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Missed Politico’s President Dreamy worship? Ace spanks squeeing lapdogs


Another day, another round of fanboy squeeing from the lapdogs at Politico. Take a gander at this:


No, seriously. Politico said that, in an article titled, “What’s wrong with Barack Obama?” By wrong, they mean oh-so-dreamy. Beclown! Beclown like the wind!

John Sexton at Breitbart.com has more:

Good grief. Are we still claiming the President is a uniter not a divider? How much more evidence do we need that he is hyper-competitive in all areas especially politics. Have the authors read fellow Politico scribe Glenn Thrush’s e-book in which he quotes a campaign aide saying “Don’t let the Mr. Cool shit fool you…” How about the vignette where Obama responds to a possible Rubio run for VP saying “Tell your boy to watch it. He might get his ass kicked.” That’s the voice of synthesis and moderation?

The claim that Obama is a “pathological rationalist,” i.e. rational to a fault, is even less defensible. Any sizzle reel of Obama highlights will be drawn not from rationalism but from his endless string of emotional appeals to the public. Whether it’s Sandy Hook or immigration reform or the shooting of Trayvon Martin, Obama’s standard mode is not logos but pathos. Whether he wants to overturn Stand Your Ground or pass health reform, Obama is always focused on some victim who can serve as a rhetorical poster child for his campaign.

Read the whole thing.

Ace of Spades, with the hilarious aid of fellow Twitter users, once again took on the task of shaming the shameless.


Because, awesome you guys! Silly rubes just don’t get the nuance-y nuance of his awesomeness.


Wiping tears!


Criminy, why do we all keep letting Obama down? What is wrong with us? Sheesh!


Oh, snap!


We’ve all been there, huh? It’s the cross we must bear.


Dude. Lapdogs have their drool buckets, clearly. But we need some hurl buckets after that one! Again.

The ever-genius Iowahawk brings it all home:


Bingo. They are, of course, Smarter Than You.

Pitiful, lapdogs. Pitiful.


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