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Monica Crowley: No, I’m NOT related to Candy Crowley, thanks


First things first: it’s unlikely that anyone would mix up the two Crowleys based on their politics. Monica Crowley is a Fox News contributor, radio host and self-described “happy warrior.” CNN’s Candy Crowley, you might remember, was most recently seen tag-teaming with the president against Mitt Romney during last night’s debate, helpfully “fact-checking” for President Boyfriend when truths got inconvenient.

Even before the debate, Monica was aware of the potential for confusion.

To answer the most frequently asked question of me today: am I related to CNN’s Candy Crowley? No. No. No, I am not.

— Monica Crowley (@MonicaCrowley) October 15, 2012

Only three no’s? Are you sure you’re not related?

Ok, guys—I’ve got to run and get ready to moderate this debate. Oh, wait. #WrongCrowley

— Monica Crowley (@MonicaCrowley) October 16, 2012

Had a good laugh last night when I read that Candy Crowley is @monicacrowley ‘s sister. Umm.. where DO people get these ideas!? LOL

— Maureen (@TruthBToldDE) October 17, 2012

@monicacrowley. R u related to Candy? If so, whack her with a wet noodle for defending Obama. She was so wrong!!

— Gerri Harrison (@gerrri1) October 17, 2012

But the resemblance is uncanny! Here’s a handy photo reference courtesy of Twitchy to tape up next to your TV. We’d never be so  shallow as to judge by appearances, but we can’t stop you from doing so, can we?

Has anyone but me spent time considering the obviousness of our Crowley (Monica), vs. their Crowley (uhm… )Petty.I know.Moving on.

— Gina Gentry Loudon (@drginaloudon) October 17, 2012

The Democrats are very fond of arithmetic lately, so here’s a simple equation to keep things straight.

Monica Crowley > Candy Crowley

— DefDom (@ShutUpDom) October 17, 2012

Now that we know which Crowley is which, is there any chance of switching things up next time there’s a debate?

They had the wrong Crowley moderating the #debate last night. It should have been @monicacrowley #tcot

— Ross . (@indyrallen) October 17, 2012

They chose the wrong Crowley to moderate this debate. It should’ve been @monicacrowley instead. #Debates

— Val (@AsianVal) October 17, 2012

I’ll say it one more time. WRONG CROWLEY. @monicacrowley #WrongCrowley

— Phil Kerpen (@kerpen) October 17, 2012

Definition of Fairness: Candy Crowley for last night’s debate and @monicacrowley for next week’s debate. #tcot

— The Gipper(@mrgeology) October 17, 2012

@dhrxsol1234 @breitbartnews I don’t understand the RINO’s claim that Ms. Crowley is impartial. How bout we use Monica Crowley next time?

— Steve Czaja (@madpolok) October 17, 2012

So can @monicacrowley moderate the next debate?

— Matt Foley (@mitchmckinley) October 17, 2012

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