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Move over, Spiderman, and behold these #LiberalSuperPowers!!/Imaumbn/status/286941691833884672

Like it or not, liberals are for the most part running the show in America. But they didn’t get this far by accident. They’ve long fancied themselves the saviors of mankind, so it’s only natural that they’d have superpowers. Conservatives were kind enough to list some of them:

#LiberalSuperPowersCan always see skin color.

— Imaumbn™ (@Imaumbn) January 3, 2013

#LiberalSuperPowersCan sense racism from a 50 mile radius from the comfort of the couch in their parents basement.

— End of the Republic (@PointlessPol) January 3, 2013

#LiberalSuperPowers Logic X-Ray that allows them to see straight through a reasonable argument so they can ignore it

— Donnie G (@graber429) January 3, 2013

#LiberalSuperPowers Able to leap to large conclusions in a single bound

— Greg F. (@straytski) January 3, 2013

#LiberalSuperPowers Once elected, they are able to see what’s in a 2,000 page health care reform bill without reading it.

— Joseph Kurt (@JosephKurt1) January 3, 2013

#LiberalSuperPowers – Flying at 30,000 feet on a private jet to a Global Warming conference on strategies to control carbon emissions.

— Will (@wac3rd) January 3, 2013

#LiberalSuperPowers. Blindness to their own hypocrisy

— Galyn Jensen (@Galynjen) January 3, 2013

#LiberalSuperPowers The ability to raise the dead on election day.

— Tommy Joe (@DrollNDry) January 3, 2013

#LiberalSuperPowers – Ability to Tax literally anything, anywhere, at anytime!

— Shifty33(D) (@Shifty331) January 3, 2013

#LiberalSuperPowers Able to hate the “rich”; but still love rich celebrities and rich Democrat pols.

— Greg F. (@straytski) January 3, 2013

#LiberalSuperPowers — Ability to appear smug and confused at same time

— noclownquestion (@noclownquestion) January 3, 2013

#LiberalSuperPowers Perpetual Victimization

— Imaumbn™ (@Imaumbn) January 3, 2013

#LiberalSuperPowers With a few more dollars from your paycheck they can turn down the temperature of Planet Earth.

— Nathan (@bastunas77) January 3, 2013

#Liberalsuperpowersamassing massive debts and deficits, and not paying for them!! There are no economic laws or consequences!! Apparently.

— Patrick Scully (@pscully1812) January 3, 2013

Able to leap Debt responsibility in a single bound. #LiberalSuperPowers

— Mr. Evolving (@daalad) January 3, 2013

To debt ceiling infinity … and beyond!

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