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Mumia Abu-Jamal to deliver commencement speech at alma mater


Convicted cop-killer Mumia Abu-Jamal has been selected by the students of Goddard College to deliver the school’s commencement address. Abu-Jamal, who is still incarcerated, will record a video in prison to be played at the commencement ceremonies.

Wow. The cop-killer Mumia Abu-Jamal was chosen *by the students* to give the college commencement address. http://t.co/cEegzLqIKh

— Will Antonin (@Will_Antonin) September 30, 2014

NJ.com reports:

Mumia Abu-Jamal’s remarks for the fall commencement ceremony on Sunday will be recorded at the Mahanoy State Correctional Institution in Frackville, Pa, where he has been serving a life sentence since being moved from death row in 2011. Abu-Jamal has long maintained his innocence.

Abu-Jamal, 60, was convicted in 1982 of killing officer Daniel Faulkner the previous year. Abu Jamal, who was chosen by students as a commencement speaker, received a bachelor’s degree from the Plainfield, Vt. liberal arts school in 1996.

Outrageous that #Goddard or any university would honor an unrepentant cop killer. http://t.co/a928GCaIwG

— Senator Pat Toomey (@SenToomey) September 30, 2014

@Cameron_Gray How can a prisoner be a #commencementspeaker? Makes zero sense. Oh that's right we are dealing with lefties. #saynomore

— Rich Lezcano (@RichLezcano) September 30, 2014

@Cameron_Gray WTF?

— Anette Wachter (@30calgal) September 30, 2014

@Will_Antonin That's awesome, the college wants to produce graduates who think "radically." Can't wait to see what they accomplish.

— Keep Texas Red (@myanof) September 30, 2014

@Cameron_Gray Jamal was nothing. Try the head of the KGB–Oleg Kalugin. Marquette U.

— Tatjana Kragh (@Tania_TK2) September 30, 2014

@Cameron_Gray Brandeis U. banned Aayan Hirsi Ali from speaking, but Harvard is honoring Oprah Winfrey and Harry Belafonte #BanCollege

— Occupy This (@jandtee) September 30, 2014

That's liberal hypocrisy at its best. Condi Rice didn't kill a cop in cold blood… so she isn't worthy of lib-love @Cameron_Gray

— Melissa (@GOP_RN) September 30, 2014

he is speaking where he received his Bachelor's degree. Another f*ck ed up policy. I have 30k in student loans @RichLezcano @Cameron_Gray

— Melissa (@GOP_RN) September 30, 2014

And a scumbag cop killer gets free tuition compliments of my tax $$$ @RichLezcano @Cameron_Gray

— Melissa (@GOP_RN) September 30, 2014

What about the colleges who hire Bill Ayers & Bernadine Dorn as professors. Do you know who is teaching your kid at college? @Cameron_Gray

— Melissa (@GOP_RN) September 30, 2014

Cop Killer Mumia Abu-Jamal to Deliver Goddard College Commencement Speech on Sunday http://t.co/WlulSDDsu2 Leftists do love their murderers

— Joe the Dissident (@joethepatriotic) September 30, 2014

@Will_Antonin Why is he still breathing??

— Joe Rival (@JerseyJoe74) September 30, 2014



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