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Must see: Colion Noir fires back at Funny or Die’s ‘Black NRA’ parody


As Twitchy reported yesterday, the folks at “Funny or Die” (members of the president’s Entertainment Advisory Council, natch) released a new video in which pasty white “NRA spokesperson” Sarah Silverman leads the call for the formation of a black NRA. Anyone who knows the real NRA knows there’s no need for such a thing. Color plays no part in defending the Second Amendment.

It didn’t take long for real NRA spokeman Colion Noir to fire back at Funny or Die, and imagine this: it didn’t take snark or a staff of writers to set Silverman straight.


Read more: http://twitchy.com/2013/09/10/must-see-colion-noir-fires-back-at-funny-or-dies-black-nra-parody/

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