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NBC taps Seth Meyers for Olympic color commentary; Meyers takes dig at Romneys


Still taking heat after a week’s worth of technical difficulties and screw-ups, it looks like NBC finally did something right.

Look, it's @sethmeyers21 on the #NBC channel that isn't MSNBC or Bravo. #Olympics

— Micheline Maynard (@MickiMaynard) August 3, 2012

The “SNL” star and “Weekend Update” host may have been just what the much-maligned network needed to garner some much-needed praise from viewers.

Watching my husband talk about the Olympics 😍 @sethmeyers21 pic.twitter.com/v2JcBJFV

— Nicole Mikheal (@nicolemikilla) August 3, 2012

Loving @sethmeyers21 on my TV machine right now giggling and talking about #Olympics and #SNL pic.twitter.com/FyNM0rr4

— Amy Maestri (@amymaestri) August 3, 2012

Looks like NBC’s gamble has paid off:

@sethmeyers21 is on nbcsports right now. he wants to start a handball team. Seth we'd be glad to give you a tryout.

— Mark Stellern (@MarkStellern) August 3, 2012

@sethmeyers21 on the the #Olympics coverage is amazing. @NBCOlympics let's make this a regular thing.

— laura. (@ladesu) August 3, 2012


Yes!!! @WillieGeist and @sethmeyers21 are Olympic Gold!!

— Walker (@iamWalkerR) August 3, 2012

@sethmeyers21 on NBCsports talking is hilarious. God I love him.

— Meg (@megosaurusrex) August 3, 2012

Can @WillieGeist and @sethmeyers21 talk about the #Olympics together all the time on NBC? They are hilars (new cool abbrev I'm trying out)

— Kelsey Jones (@wonderwall7) August 3, 2012

@sethmeyers21 Just saw you being adorable talking up #judo. You're all kinds of awesome, sir.

— Lulu (@ilikepuppies85) August 3, 2012

Thank you @NBCSN for having @sethmeyers21 as a guest! Hilarious segment!

— Whitney Goodman (@whit_323) August 3, 2012

Was so enchanted by @sethmeyers21 and @WillieGeist 's Olympics chat that I burned my daughter's chicken nuggets #rafalka #badmommy

— Lish (@lisamillonzi) August 3, 2012

@sethmeyers21 please do more sports commentary…:) #awesome #Olympics

— Queen ofthe Universe (@QofTU) August 3, 2012

@sethmeyers21 was hilarious, yet insightful on NBC Sports Network #Olympics

— Justin Wise (@wiseja0811) August 3, 2012

if NBC let @sethmeyers21 call these obscure sports ratings would triple. i could only imagine how entertaining handball would be #olympics

— KT SharkAttack (@ktSHARKATTACK) August 3, 2012

@sethmeyers21 all that weekend update turned you into a good announcer #niceolympiccoverage

— Coleman Walker (@cwalker1013) August 3, 2012

If NBC wants to end the #nbcfail, they should make @sethmeyers21 the lead anchor for all primetime coverage

— Derek Summerville (@D_Summerville) August 3, 2012

Take note, NBC. You’re getting free advice.


Uh-oh … time to add Meyers’ name to the growing list of people suffering from Rafalca Derangement Syndrome:


Oh my god @sethmeyers21 announcing the horse dancing event.

— Becky (@schmadurrr) August 3, 2012

@sethmeyers21 loved your Romney horse coverage on nbcsports- thanks for lowering standards & keeping it real.

— Jennifer Keenan (@JenGarson) August 3, 2012

@sethmeyers21 being hilarious as always in his NBC interview #loveit #dressage #rafalca

— KVL (@kelsowhatt) August 3, 2012

@sethmeyers21 was great on NBCSN talking about Romney's wife's horse.

— agedavis (@agedavis) August 3, 2012

"When you say I don't know what my wife's horse is doing in the #Olympics, that is the longest way to say you have no idea how rich I am!"

— Jeffrey Lipack (@jefflipack) August 3, 2012

The previous tweet is a quote from @sethmeyers21 discussing Mitt Romney and his wife's horse which is competing in Dressage at the #Olympics

— Jeffrey Lipack (@jefflipack) August 3, 2012

Ugh. Seth, you’re an alleged comedian. Isn’t it time for some clever material? Give it a rest already.

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