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Netflix takes a hashtag swipe at Palin by recommending moon Nazi flick


On Tuesday night, lefties launched the #SarahPalinFilms hashtag. You know, because her 15 minutes have come and gone and she’s totally not living rent-free in their heads.

In fact, Sarah Palin is so irrelevant that Netflix jumped into the hashtag game by recommending “Iron Sky,” a low-budget sci-fi comedy in which a parallel is drawn between President Palin-Caricature and Nazi invaders from the moon.

#SarahPalinFilms “Iron Sky” nflx.it/11AZvLR twitter.com/netflix/status…

— Netflix US (@netflix) May 1, 2013

One person who follows Netflix on Twitter called the movie “hugely entertaining.”

@netflix that movie is hugely entertaining!

— Draper Harlow (@Drapervich) May 1, 2013

Netflix agrees.

@drapervich Yes it is!

— Netflix US (@netflix) May 1, 2013

From one review of the movie:

The film tries to make the connection between the Nazis and the current state of American politics via a US President character that embodies the Sarah Palin brand of politics, but it’s done in bad taste and this is where the satire fails. With slogans like “Black to the moon” slapped on a mission to send an African-American man to the moon and a character calling former US President Franklin Roosevelt a “spastic” is where the filmmakers show how out of touch the film is.

An excerpt of an interview with Finnish director Timo Vuorensola:

The scenes where the Moon Nazis come to earth and lead the re-election campaign for the right-wing American president, clearly modeled after Sarah Palin—were you trying to draw parallels between extremely conservative Americans and the Nazis?

There are a couple of messages that I hope to get through, one is the fact of international politics and how the rhetoric used in the 1930s is returning in [terms of] political language. This is the language I hear more and more in America and also in Europe. It’s worrying. Yes of course, I don’t think there’s too much distance between these two entities in the end…There’s definitely the right wing movement of America [having] the same vibe as the political vibe in the 40s in Europe…I do think that people should listen to it, open their eyes and listen to what language they’re using.

Cute, huh?

Way to shit the bed, Netflix… RT @netflix: #SarahPalinFilms “Iron Sky” nflx.it/11AZvLR bit.ly/12kH1hx

— Kensington (@NYKensington) May 1, 2013

. @netflix you know taxpayers probably constitute many of your customers. Maybe you’d like to not thumb them in the eye. #justathought

— Amy(@CAAmyO) May 1, 2013

[email protected]netflixhelps Please explain this cheap political shot? RT @netflix #SarahPalinFilms “Iron Sky” #tcot. #teaparty

— Resist Tyranny (@ResistTyranny) May 1, 2013

Hey @netflix – time to fire your social media team? “@netflix: #SarahPalinFilms “Iron Sky” nflx.it/11AZvLR twitter.com/netflix/status…

— Resist Tyranny (@ResistTyranny) May 1, 2013

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