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New poll in Iowa: Carson 28%, Trump 19%

Ouch. Bad new this morning for Donald Trump as the new Des Moines Register/Bloomberg Politics poll shows him down 28%-19% to retired neurosurgeon Ben Carson:

And check out Carson’s favorability numbers. Iowans really, really like him:

Evangelicals and women seem to be what’s driving the Carson boomlet:

The poll also found that Trump is the candidate most Iowans want to drop out:

The problem for Trump is that this is the second straight poll that shows Carson in the lead:

And we’ll end it with this history lesson from Jim Geraghty: deep breaths, everyone. This thing ain’t over:

Read more: http://twitchy.com/2015/10/23/new-poll-has-ben-carson-up-by-9-over-donald-trump-in-iowa/

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