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NKOTB’s Joey McIntyre: NSA is just like a local beat cop keeping us safe!/joeymcintyre/status/344580447059185664

The NSA’s “got the right stuff, baby,” says New Kids on the Block’s Joey McIntyre.

Obama’s government can snoop all it wants, without limits, and it’s a-OK with McIntyre because this administration has clearly shown itself to respect the rights of political enemies. In fact, surveillance of Americans is just like having a neighborhood beat cop swing by the corner store to make sure all is well.!/joeymcintyre/status/344583266155769857

McIntyre doesn’t “get political” much, he just needs you to know there’s “no line” when it comes to Big Daddy Government.!/joeymcintyre/status/344584482734604288!/joeymcintyre/status/344585357926490112

So what does he say to this?!/midnightkells/status/344584089996771330

Hmm …!/joeymcintyre/status/344585878892597250

The Constitution actually does have lines the government “shall not” cross. But McIntyre trusts Obama’s NSA to cross any and all lines and cross right back. No harm done.!/joeymcintyre/status/344587546480742400

How ’bout this line?!/MizzTique99/status/344591275409956865

Hush now. We’re talking NSA overreach, not IRS overreach.!/joeymcintyre/status/344590865777442817

Now time to wrap this up, all you paranoids.!/joeymcintyre/status/344592324061450240

Or not …!/joeymcintyre/status/344599637375721472

Exit question: Would McIntyre still love the way the NSA turns him on if these revelations about the NSA’s surveillance programs occurred under President George W. Bush?!/joeymcintyre/status/265842179904249856

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