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No growth for you: Cutter says ‘enter and stay in middle class,’ plebs


Well, lying liar who lies, Stephanie Cutter, is making the rounds again and made an appearance on MSNBC this morning.

I thought we could be done with Stephanie Cutter for at least a month…

— Jeff Poor (@jeff_poor) November 28, 2012

@chucktodd Trying to have an intelligent conversation with Stephanie Cutter is like trying to do that witih a puppet.

— Gary Tapperson (@Tappersong) November 28, 2012

Heh. It seems she spouted idiocy, as always: Don’t you dare have pesky dreams or aspirations, rubes. You’ll hit a plateau and like it. President Obama has a mandate for it, even!

No upward mobility! MT @amandacarpenter: Steph Cutter just said POTUS has mandate for people to “enter & stay in middle class.” Odd phrasing

— Ken McIntyre (@KenMac55) November 28, 2012

@amandacarpenter I remember when we wanted people to move up, not stay somewhere.

— Brian Faughnan (@BrianFaughnan) November 28, 2012

That just shows they have no idea how things work in reality. @amandacarpenter

— Saturdays & Sundays (@NARNfan) November 28, 2012

Odd phrasing and a lack of reality, or simply once again saying what they actually believe out loud? Success is bad and all, if you can possibly even build that yourself anyway.

@amandacarpenter Not odd phrasing from an administration that believes there should be only one class of people.

— Gus (@GLR3TX) November 28, 2012

All they know how to do is take and allocate resources by politics and rent seeking. Aggregate prosperity… @amandacarpenter

— Saturdays & Sundays (@NARNfan) November 28, 2012

…and individual flourishing is the last thing on their mind. @amandacarpenter

— Saturdays & Sundays (@NARNfan) November 28, 2012

At a certain point, you’ve made enough money,” right President Obama? Deciding your level of pay is not above his pay grade, evidently.

Read more: http://twitchy.com/2012/11/28/no-growth-for-you-stephanie-cutter-says-enter-and-stay-in-middle-class-plebs/

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