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Not all that big a bang: Jim Parsons comes out


Per my last Tweet. Sarcasm was at 1000% if you couldn't tell.

— Andrew Staroska (@OHCONSERVATISM) May 23, 2012

Reactions ranged from “so what?” to “well, DUH!” to “good for him.”



I thought everyone knew Jim Parsons was gay? Makes no difference to me – he's still an amazing actor and wonderful person. #jimparsonsftw

— Julia (@aegyojewels) May 23, 2012


How did people not know that Jim Parsons was gay?

— Lizzie (@lizzieoliver) May 23, 2012

I like that Jim Parsons "came out" so nonchalantly, likes it no big deal, he just is who he is.

— RP (@mantle536) May 23, 2012

This may not be news to most, but one Twitterer pointed out that it could still be meaningful:

A lot of people are all 'so what?' about Jim Parsons. But it could be a huge thing for a struggling LGBT teen to see a successful out person

— Keysha C. (@Lady_Snark) May 23, 2012

Speculation about celebrities’ sexuality gets tiresome, not least of all for the celebrity, but Parsons acknowledged his and that was that. Now he can move forward and focus on his successful acting career. Best of luck to him.

Read more: http://twitchy.com/2012/05/23/not-all-that-big-a-bang-jim-parsons-comes-out/

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