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Obama episode of ‘The View’ re-airs; viewers are enthralled, mystified anew


This morning, ABC aired an episode of ‘The View’ featuring Barack Obama. Despite the fact that the show was a rerun from this past spring, for dedicated Obamaphiles, it was as fresh and glorious as it was the first time around. Clearly, the ladies of ‘The View’ just can’t get enough of Barack the Magnificent, and they’re not alone. Hope you’ve got your drool buckets handy …


Just watched Barack Obama speak on "The View" and every time I hear him speak I'm dazzled, very few people impress me with their eloquence

— Eric P (@ESPerkins) August 13, 2012

Watching Barack Obama on The View. He seems like a cool ass dude forreal lol he seems pretty down to earth.

— #GiovaniDidThat (@WizeYoungMan) August 13, 2012

so my mom is watchin The View and Obama is on there…he is so funny!!!

— ♍ Ebony_Princess ♥ (@steelerschic43) August 13, 2012


Lol obama just answered a @KimKardashian question right on the view! He's so cute!

— SAMMI (@samtyms) August 13, 2012



Oh, our ovaries! Excuse us while we swoon!

The view was on and watching Obama… I love our President because he is himself and don't try to be who they want him to be…

— Bruce Wayne (@ImjustPoole) August 13, 2012

“Who they want him to be”? Like, say, competent? Focused?


He must always be nervous, then.

Why is Obama on the view

— morgan (@shM0RGishborg_) August 13, 2012

Why indeed? It’s not as if he’s got more pressing issues.

Obama's on the View? 24 million people out of work .Glad our president has Americas priorities in check. #Fail

— Jack Morizzi (@jmorizzi) August 13, 2012

Exactly RT @Pasquale_Gee_: how does barack obama have the time to be on the view

— Chillbert Arenas (@CPfromGV) August 13, 2012

It’s easy to make time for “The View” when you’re forgoing your responsibilities and concentrating on being everyone’s bucket list.

Not everyone was impressed by the smooth operator in chief:

Obama on the view/ Even George W. wouldn't stoop that low #who I'm forced to vote for

— Noahstrado〽️us (@Windexman34) August 13, 2012

President Obama, with all due respect, why are you on The View? Talk shows are for movie stars, please return to running our country #thanks

— Kristin Williams (@xKWilliams) August 13, 2012

I can not stand Obama on the View, he is so plastic!

— Mona Hess (@monah1129) August 13, 2012


The fact that President Obama is debasing himself on the view right now is making me want to vote for him a little less 👎

— Kelsey Miller (@kelseylmiller) August 13, 2012

Obama get the fuck off the view and go do something….

— Colin Witt (@TheColinWitt) August 13, 2012

America's economy is in the shitter, and Obama goes on the View? Some one give him a tampon.

— Jake Bond (@SouthernPointe1) August 13, 2012


Go with your gut, Shelby.

President Obama’s “View” appearance wasn’t a total bust, though. He did manage to put forth one illuminating little nugget:

Obama grades his performance as an "incomplete" on The View. Did he really just say that?

— Justin Hart (@justin_hart) August 13, 2012

Incomplete? That’s worse than a B+, no? It’s refreshing to hear the president say something honest for a change. Too bad his honesty bodes ill for the rest of us. If he believes his performance is indeed incomplete, what other disastrous tricks does he have up his sleeve before he jumps into his Volt and rides off into the sunset?



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