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Obama: ‘I’m not ideological, I’m a practical guy’; Practical guy then blames GOP


No, really, President Obama shamelessly said that he’s not ideological during his interview on “Meet the Press” this morning.

Obama: “If you look at how I’ve tried to govern over the last four years … I’m not driven by some ideological agenda.” #MTP

— Mike O’Brien (@mpoindc) December 30, 2012

With a straight face! Viewers could not keep a straight face, however.

Wait. He said what now? Seriously? MT: “@adamverdugo Obama on #MTP: “I’m not driven by some ideological agenda.””

— Thomas (@ThomasRatPol) December 30, 2012

Obama on #MTP: “I’m not driven by some ideological agenda. I’m a pretty practical guy.”@nbcnews Are you serious???????

— John Giglio (@lilium479) December 30, 2012

Hahaha. | RT @viewofadam: Obama says on #MTP: “I’m not driven by some ideological agenda. — I just want to make sure things work.”

— Matthew Hurtt (@matthewhurtt) December 30, 2012

Obama, who has made the fiscal cliff debate all about tax rates for minimal revenue, says he’s not ideological. Eyes rolling.

— joshbranson (@joshbranson) December 30, 2012

Obama claims that he’s not ideological. Someone find this man a dictionary that includes “ideology” and “fairness”.

— Thomas (@ThomasRatPol) December 30, 2012

Do your sides ache yet? Keep holding them, because it gets worse. Mr. Practical then goes onto blame everyone else, natch, for his failures and poor leadership, particularly on the fiscal cliff.

President Obama uses a rare appearance on a talk show, one day before the US hits the fiscal cliff, to pin the blame on Republicans.

— Peter Sonneveld (@petersonneveld) December 30, 2012

President Barack Obama used a rare appearance on a Sunday talk show to pin the blame on Republicans who “have had trouble saying yes.”

— Malou Tiquia (@maltiq) December 30, 2012

Meet the Press: Obama says he does not have an ” ideological agenda”Says Chuck Hagel is a “patriot”Blames Republican Party obstinancy

— Russ Comments (@RussComments) December 30, 2012


@alexnklein: oh, look: RT @samsteinhp Obama urges press to avoid false-equivalencies when assigning fiscal cliff blame. huffingtonpost.com/2012/12/30/pre…

— Nico Hines (@NicoHines) December 30, 2012

Instead of working to solve the problem it seems Pres. Obama has taken the morning to blame Republicans again. #fiscalcliff #meetthepress

— Cristopher Hernandez (@CristopherHS4) December 30, 2012

Phase one, “Pretending to work on a deal,” is done. Phase two, “Assigning blame,” is underway. nytimes.com/2012/12/31/us/…

— Joshua Treviño (@jstrevino) December 30, 2012

Obama: I make offers no one will accept so I can say that I’m reasonable and blame Congress.

— joshbranson (@joshbranson) December 30, 2012

So the President’s big Sunday news show message this morning is: “It’s not my fault.” Inspiring.

— Amanda Carpenter (@amandacarpenter) December 30, 2012


Also, pesky old democracy itself is to blame as well.

President Obama to @davidgregory: “democracy’s always been messy” #MTP

— Chris Donovan (@chrisdonovannbc) December 30, 2012

Not his fault! It’s totally messy and stuff.

Obama now gets a full day’s coverage on how the GOP is to blame for whatever ‘deal’ we get. And the GOP just sits there and let this happen.

— Free Shit – Stat (D) (@LilMissRightie) December 30, 2012

Every elected GOP official should be live-tweeting responses to Obama’s interview on #MTP

— Free Shit – Stat (D) (@LilMissRightie) December 30, 2012

Will the GOP listen to such advice?

@speakerboehner Well P. Obama has yet to see SPENDING IS THE PROBLEM AND CAN ONLY BLAME OTHERS. HOLD FIRM SP BOEHNER demand entitlement cuts

— David W Clark (@1964dwclark) December 30, 2012

Will it even matter, or is this all just kabuki theater again?

If Obama goes over the cliff he gets what he wants and we will still get the blame. Trust me. Beware the devil in a red dress.

— EricSteeleLive™ (@EricSteeleLive) December 29, 2012

Stay tuned.

Read more: http://twitchy.com/2012/12/30/obama-claims-hes-not-ideological-but-a-practical-guy-practical-guy-then-blames-republicans-messy-democracy/

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