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Obama plays golf with Tiger Woods; Golf Digest scoops, press pool snubbed


So, this is happening.

Legit breaking news MT @TimRosaforte: Obama at The Floridian. Awaiting is Tiger Woods. Historic day in golf. Their first round.

— Craig Bestrom (@GDCraigeeBee) February 17, 2013

Kudos to @TimRosaforte of @GolfDigestMag for the Obama-Tiger scoop.

— Don Van Natta Jr. (@DVNJr) February 17, 2013

Indeed. Pool reporters seem to have been left in the dust.

RT @margarettalev:WH pool asking since yesterday if @TigerWoods & Obama would golf. 2 hrs after @TimRosaforte tweets WH still not confirming

— Ryan Williams (@RyanGOP) February 17, 2013

#Obama #golf partners and wknd guests still unknown as WH travel pool given lid and driven off the #Floridian grounds at 11:49 a.m.

— Margaret Talev (@margarettalev) February 16, 2013

Ah, unrequited love! Luckily, Golf Digest’s Rosaforte is on the scene to provide details.

Not going to turn this into Tiger Tracker, but from pro shop at Floridian we received word TW holed out greenside bunker No. 1 for birdie.

— Tim Rosaforte (@TimRosaforte) February 17, 2013

The White House did eventually confirm the news.

Obama playing golf with Tiger Woods among others today at the exclusive Floridian resort in Palm City FL

— Ali Weinberg (@AliABCNews) February 17, 2013

Tiger Woods, y'all. Tiger Woods. RT @jeffzeleny: In Florida, Obama golfing with Tiger Woods today, WH says…

— Timothy P Carney (@TPCarney) February 17, 2013

White House official finally confirms to pool that POTUS is golfing with Tiger Woods at an exclusive, gated Florida club today.

— Wes Barrett (@wesbarrett) February 17, 2013

The swanky scene is set.

The Floridian in Palm City. Where Pres. Obama is staying and where Golf Digest says he's playing golf with Tiger pic.twitter.com/d2qWyvxP

— Steve Brusk (@stevebruskCNN) February 17, 2013

Inside the gated golf community in Palm Beach, FL today, Obama is playing his 114th round as president (third this year).

— Emily Miller (@EmilyMiller) February 16, 2013

Reporters may not receive any squee-worthy (to them) photos, though.

@oknox It should be WH pool images but WH has called a lid and pool does not currently enjoy access to the Floridian

— Margaret Talev (@margarettalev) February 17, 2013

#Obama, @TigerWoods golfed together, the WH confirms to traveling press pool that does not have access to the location

— Margaret Talev (@margarettalev) February 17, 2013

WH pool reporters requested access, photos of Obama / Woods golf game but so far they are keeping it on the Q.T. (@Majchrowitz)

— FOX News Radio (@foxnewsradio) February 17, 2013

WH not letting press pool snap pics of POTUS with Tiger Woods. Will WH release official photo?

— Steven Dennis (@StevenTDennis) February 17, 2013


Reaction is swift. Good thing there is nothing pressing going on, right?

@KellyTilghmanGC: President Obama playing his 1st round of golf with Tiger Woods today. ” Not sure who plays more golf Tiger or Obama….

— Paul Fisher (@fishepa) February 17, 2013

Rome continues to burn. "@DVNJr: Obama's golf weekend a duffer's dream. Saturday: Lesson from Tiger's ex-swing coach. Sunday: Play w/Tiger"

— Sean Agnew (@seanagnew) February 17, 2013

Whatever you do Tiger, don't get in front of Obama! #Fore MT @politico: Report: Obama golfing with Tiger Woods

— Rschrim (@Rschrim) February 17, 2013

Makes sense that Obama would play Golf with Tiger Woods. Both live a life of false narratives and hate answering questions about it.

— S.M (@redsteeze) February 17, 2013


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