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Obama threatens tax hike ‘if Congress doesn’t act,’ is reminded of what he can do now


President Obama continues to threaten a tax hike on middle class families “if Congress doesn’t act.” He doesn’t mention the many measures he could immediately take to avoid it.

According to @barackobama a “balanced approach” is spend like an angry drunk and deal with cuts when we wake up. #tcot #tlot #tiot

— Jim (@BoogymanWF) December 2, 2012

@barackobama what cuts are you making to budget?you need to get serious about US fiscal matters you anti-American anti-colonialist.

— John Dufresne (@GrnMntBoy54) December 2, 2012

@barackobama it means u are a lousy leader, & don’t care about America. but we knew that already & they still re-elected u #SCOAMF #tcot

— red seewun (@redc1c4) December 2, 2012

@barackobamaEverything is always done at the last second in crisis mode. That helps your scare tactics way of doing things. Stop blaming

— Greg Mack (@glvnthedream) December 2, 2012

How about repealing Obamacare, Mr. President?

@barackobama cut entitlements spending or risk drawing added scrutiny and critique to your ‘socialist-esque’ ideology i.e Obamacare

— Zachary DuBow (@cogent_rambling) December 2, 2012

@barackobama won’t offer serious plan and ignores Simpson Bowels and Ryan plans that give specifics. All politics, no leadership#tcot #tlot

— Larry Miller (@LbrtyNow) December 2, 2012

@barackobama hope you enjoy your paid for vacation with our tax dollars.#my2K will surely help pay for it.

— brad scott (@bradscott78013) December 2, 2012

But helping the struggling middle class is not the priority right now; playing golf is.

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