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Obamacare lines next? Holly Robinson Peete, others tweet pics of huge DMV lines


Like actor and comedian Jon Lovitz said, totally can’t wait to see hospitals run by the DMV! Actress, and Hollyweird liberal, Holly Robinson Peete tweeted that photo of the line at a Calif. DMV. Twitter users have also been tweeting insane waits at their local DMV offices.

Sooooo wat better way to occupy my time in this long azz line at DMV??? #PandoraFlow 👍 @ Georgia… instagram.com/p/XU2PE_wYg_/

— PhuckYaFEELINZ (@Cupcakez315) March 26, 2013

Line at the DMV #ft twitter.com/BenFrankNjuddy…

— juddy (@BenFrankNjuddy) March 26, 2013

This line at the DMV though 😩😩😩😩😩👎👎👎👎😫😫😫😫😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡 instagram.com/p/XSrtcWqXJy/

— MARCH 29!(@haitianbeauty29) March 25, 2013

Yup, that line is way too long! #DMV #Bye twitter.com/itzhazybaby/st…

— Hazel Marie (@itzhazybaby) March 25, 2013

#dmv line…… instagram.com/p/XSV5zdzMlg/

— Andy Dumornay (@citiofbrass) March 25, 2013

Goddamn dmv line outside the door and around da corner in #LA instagram.com/p/XSU_NwEVTA/

— Platinum Keez (@dakeez916) March 25, 2013

My Monday morning. Outside in line at the DMV. #happymonday 😎 instagram.com/p/XSATDhBGyF/

— Heather Lyles (@heatherlyles7) March 25, 2013

Nightmare–> @govmalloyoffice “@preovolos: The line at the Norwalk DMV. Thanks for closing the Stamford office guys. twitter.com/Preovolos/stat…

— KaraGloverBillhardt (@KGBphoto) March 23, 2013

Nothing like standing in line at the DMV. The one place where the early bird does NOT get the worm… twitter.com/bfogas/status/…

— Brennan Fogas (@bfogas) March 23, 2013

The line at the DMV .at EIGHT O CLOCK tho 😤😑 #citystruggles instagram.com/p/XMwC0ZmM2A/

— 2live Ecstasy (@_XTC) March 23, 2013

In line at the DMV… dun dun dunnnnnn. ITS FREEZING! twitter.com/tektoo2/status…

— Ted Dorset (@tektoo2) March 23, 2013

Line for the DMV at 7:41 . Is this real life ?!? What the fuck twitter.com/kaayemlarios/s…

— kathy (@kaayemlarios) March 23, 2013

Cpl Lei DMV line 7:30am. Fed #DJ, she slept & I was about 2 faint. Had some fruits this morning&water. Headache #argh twitter.com/LourdesMadriag…

— Lourdes Madriaga (@LourdesMadriaga) March 23, 2013

being in line at the dmv this early ain’t cute twitter.com/aquilliumm/sta…

— Donatella Marinara(@aquilliumm) March 22, 2013

This line outside the DMV right now is no fun. instagram.com/p/XIwrV2JTAp/

— Kate Brown (@brownkatem) March 21, 2013

Line @ the Norco dmv uugghh… #line #dmv #departmentofmotorvehecles #carregistration #longline #hot #tired instagr.am/p/XIJ-diMW0i/

— brittney mcbride (@britbrittt125) March 21, 2013

Line at the Georgia DMV in Fayetteville… been here 30 min and have only moved 10 feet. instagr.am/p/XH-lfFrHHq/

— Josh Trompke (@JTrompke) March 21, 2013

#DalyCity line after @ca_dmv office opened 13 minutes ago. Also – people who steal registration stickers… instagr.am/p/XFetnlvh2e/

— Kris Vera-Phillips (@queenkv) March 20, 2013

Wheretheydothisat? The line to get into the DMV tho! 😳🙈 That’s some California BS! lol instagr.am/p/XFX8byozym/

— 1I1 V∆DER(@1of1VADER) March 20, 2013

Line is wrapped around the building 🙁 #DMV @ Oakland DMV Office instagr.am/p/XBDvD2qca5/

— cindyannganaden (@cindyannganaden) March 18, 2013

The line at the DMV. Awesome. twitter.com/DebraKrein/sta…

— Debra Krein (@DebraKrein) March 19, 2013

Long ass line at dmv.. fuck this shit instagr.am/p/XC_HoWsKTQ/

— Dees’Nutts (@SeanKOMPTON) March 19, 2013



Obamacare, because everything should be run like the DMV .

— Joe McCartney (@Joes_beforehoes) March 26, 2013

If you like the DMV you’re going to love ObamaCare. That’s a fact Jack!

— Doe Commander (@Doe_Commander) March 26, 2013

Hope people will enjoy their experiences at the DMV because #obamacare will deliver healthcare in the same way. #tcot

— Kevin(@UWWFutureMBA) March 24, 2013

Forward! If you can, you know, ever get out of the line.

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