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‘Occupy NPS’: Supporters flock to restaurant defying Spite House shutdown [pics]


Fox News’ Todd Starnes called it the “2013 Battle of Yorktown.”

Carrot Tree Kitchens operates out of the Cole Digges House in Yorktown, Va. — a building owned by the National Park Service. When restaurant owner Glenn Helseth was ordered to close his business as part of the president’s Shutdown Theater, he initially complied. But now he’s back up and running in defiance of the federal government’s political games.

He said Congress is putting politics ahead of people.

“Let them come and lay my people off,” he said. “Let them come and tell my staff they are out of work.”

One of Helseth’s favorite customers turned 100 years old this week and visited the now-open restaurant. “I am occupying Carrot Tree Yorktown,” he told Starnes. “Let the pomposities in Washington tell her ‘no.’”

The Carrot Tree Kitchens Twitter account had been silent since August, but this week the restaurant urged followers to “OCCUPY NPS.”

Tuesday, October 8, 2013
Carrot Tree Kitchens in the Historic Cole Digges House
Lunch will be served— carrot tree (@ctktoby) October 07, 2013

The restaurant is open for business …

Yorktown is open today!

Specials at Carrot Tree Williamsburg for October 11, 2013:
Today’s Quiche
$4.49… fb.me/6lCrbK1eW— carrot tree (@ctktoby) October 11, 2013

… and like citizens who breached NPS Barrycades and tossed away cones, supporters are answering the call to Occupy America. Civil disobedience has never been tastier!


From Sarah Palin’s Facebook post:

Good. Need more of this. Enough is enough. Jail potentially for serving his carrot cake? Let ‘em try.

Thank you for covering this, Todd Starnes.



Helseth and his wife also own a restaurant on Jamestown Island that had to be closed when access to the island was blocked. He and his staff thanked supporters on the Carrot Tree Kitchens Facebook page.



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