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October 29 Is National Cat Day, So Here Are Our Favorite, Most Adorable Kittens

October 29, 2015 is National Cat Day! What better way to celebrate all the happiness our feline friends bring us than with lots and lots (and lots) of adorable photos featuring all their sweet cuteness? Other than curling up with your own little buddy, of course.

For all their variety, there’s just no denying these charmers all have one thing in common: they’re absolutely purrfect.

1. This curious lil’ Abyssinian definitely just heard the can opener creak.

2. “Um, I might be stuck.”

3. No hot iron necessary for these American curl cuties.

4. Bengals are known to be a bit like dogs…

5. “Intruder???”

6. “Don’t forget to wash, rinse, and repeat.”

7. Oh, hey, Birman buddy, whatcha thinking about?

“Just cat stuff.”

8. He’s a big hit every Halloween.

9. “C’mon, you know you wanna nap.”

10. “Is…that…tuna?”

11. “Wake me when it’s time for snuggles.”

12. She’s the fiercest model in Vogue: Felines.

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13. Can I interest you in a curly, curious Cornish rex?

14. Or maybe you prefer your rexes from Devon.

15. “Did I say you were done scratching my chin?”

16. You can see the whole universe in these gorgeous eyes.

17. “Uh…can I help you?”

18. “If I’m in the bowl…am I food?”

19. This tiny Maine coon won’t stay small for long…

20. She may hoard hair ties, but who could stay mad at that face.

21. You could get lost looking at this Manx’s beautiful pattern for too long.

22. This Scottish fold loves when you change the sheets on the bed.

23. These moony eyes are almost too dreamy.

24. So fluffy. So small. GIMME.

25. Munchkin cats are definitely the corgis of the kitten world.

26. “What? You said you wanted a Persian rug!”

27. I can’t handle the fluff.

28. For those who like a little more curl with their fluff…the Selkirk rex.

29. This sweet baby ragdoll is a little shy.

30. This one, however, is all sass.

31. “I put the ‘blue’ in ‘Russian blue.'”

32. She wasn’t supposed to be the model, but why would you take a picture of anything else?

33. I wish I could curl up like this, too.

34. Scottish folds have the Beatles haircut of ears.

35. This polydactyl Siamese knows he’s too cute.

36. This Siberian has totally found her happy place.

37. And to think that some people say sphynxes can’t be cute.

38. “Pshaw!” – her message to the haters.

39. Oh, just casually being a supermodel around the house, no big.

40. You must make appointments before greeting Her Majesty.

41. “Wait, you have a smudge.”

42. Maybe they should try putting the mail in his expensive cat bed.

43. “Hi, excuse me. Have you noticed how precious I am?”

44. “Is there something on my nose?”

45. “I’m not sweet! I’m a rebel!”

I think I just made my own cat jealous, so please excuse me while I go buy his love back with my tuna sandwich!

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