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Okay, These Probably Shouldn’t Be Pets, But Stella The Kinkajou Is Way Too Cute

Most people who are looking to add pets to their family end up adopting cats or dogs, but Justin and Samantha Powell’s furry little friend is just a bit more exotic.

A few years ago, the Florida residents went to a specialist breeder and bought Stella, a three-week-old kinkajou. These creatures come from the rainforests of Central and South America. They’re also known as honey bears because those that live in captivity, like Stella, love eating honey. While there is an ongoing debate as to whether these adorable critters should or shouldn’t be pets, we can’t deny that Stella certainly seems to be enjoying life with her family.

The Powells likely bought Stella from a domestic breeder, but it’s always hard to be sure whether people who sell exotic pets are treating them humanely. Many exotic animals are sold through illegal trades.

It’s also worth mentioning that though kinkajous are usually quiet and docile, they have been known to get aggressive, claw, and bite. However, Stella is just play-biting below.

All that said, it’s clear to anyone who can see that Stella loves her home.

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