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On Veterans Day, proud US citizens declare #Why I Love America


While many have used Twitter today to thank veterans and to honor friends and family members who have served, Veterans Day has also prompted a surge of patriotic tweets. Follow the #WhyILoveAmerica hashtag to find out just what makes this country worth fighting for.

Yes, the military is getting plenty of love today, and rightfully so.

Home of the free, because of the brave. #VeteransDay #patriot #myhometown #Military #WhyILoveAmerica twitter.com/DoctorJPE/stat…

— John P. Erwin III (@DoctorJPE) November 11, 2012

#WhyILoveAmerica Our military.The greatest military in the world.

— Jeffrey Mills (@jeffmradio1972) November 11, 2012

Amen! God bless our troops and veterans! RT @thesavvy Greatest military in the world! #WhyILoveAmerica

— Melissa Harvey (@adaywithcoffee) November 11, 2012

#WhyILoveAmerica The honor, commitment and sacrifice of the world’s greatest military! Thank you military – active duty, reserve and veteran

— Peter Sterne, Sr (@p_w_sterne) November 11, 2012

#WhyILoveAmerica Our exceptional military

— Michelle McKnight (@houstonbombera) November 11, 2012

#WhyILoveAmerica Our military has been protecting/saving innocents, for generations.

— Rebekah Kloeppel (@KleptoBek) November 11, 2012

#WhyILoveAmerica The troops. If it weren’t for them, my grandparents would’ve probably died under Japanese imperialism & I wouldn’t be here.

— Danie (@danielleneocon) November 11, 2012

After a bitter election season, it’s nice to step back and take a look at the bigger picture.

#WhyILoveAmerica because I have the freedom to worship my Maker openly, express my politics thoughts freely and achieve ANY goal I set.

— Demetrius Minor (@dminor85) November 11, 2012

#WhyILoveAmerica is because she give EVERYONE the opportunity to follow and achieve their dreams. You just have to work for them

— Phil Alger (@PhilAlger) November 11, 2012

#WhyILoveAmerica The Bill of Rights, and the Founding Fathers who drafted it..

— Rebekah Kloeppel (@KleptoBek) November 11, 2012

The American experiment is the greatest, most innovative, most free, most envied, and so far still functioning ever. #WhyILoveAmerica

— La Shawn (@La_Shawn) November 11, 2012

God’s Mercy #WhyILoveAmerica!

— RPL (@smartinnj) November 11, 2012

The Constitution #WhyILoveAmerica

— Jessica Seale (@JessaNaomi) November 11, 2012

2nd Amendment. #WhyILoveAmerica

— Candice (@CandiLissa) November 11, 2012

I have more liberties here, as a woman, than any place on Earth #WhyILoveAmerica

— Kemberlee Kaye (@red_red_head) November 11, 2012

#WhyILoveAmerica There is no ‘War on Women’ here

— Stacy Morse (@srmorse) November 11, 2012

#WhyILoveAmericaIt’s a deeply good and generous country. Always has been.

— Jinx McGillicuddy (@JinxMcGillicudd) November 11, 2012

#WhyILoveAmerica I can say/pray what I want, protest peacefully what I want, petition my government, & print the truth. wh.gov/9vGK

— Alberto Pardo (@BestSocialPrgrm) November 11, 2012

#WhyILoveAmerica because she saved my family from communism!

— BornOn1776 (@BornOn1776) November 11, 2012

#WhyILoveAmerica because it is the greatest country on earth, (and I came from one of the other good ones!).

— Dudge OH Politics (@DudgeOHPolitics) November 11, 2012

#WhyILoveAmerica – because when American Patriots are down they ALWAYS pick themselves up by the bootstraps and keep on keeping on….

— S & J Dolbow (@SJDolbs) November 11, 2012

#WhyILoveAmerica Because we’ve faced hard times before and will again, and will be even better for it.

— becks32001 (@becks32001) November 11, 2012

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