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‘Ops! AP get owned’: Syrian Electronic Army claims credit for AP hack job


Well, wonder no more. The SEA, which describes itself as “a group of enthusiastic Syrian youths who could not stay passive towards the massive distortion of facts about the recent uprising in Syria,” claims it hacked the AP’s Twitter account and sent out the tweet falsely reporting an explosion in the White House:

Ops! @ap get owned by Syrian Electronic Army! #SEA #Syria #ByeByeObama twitter.com/Official_SEA6/…

— SyrianElectronicArmy (@Official_SEA6) April 23, 2013

More hacked tweets from a different AP account. These ones reference Syria: twitter.com/MikeBakerAP/st…

— Mike Baker (@MikeBakerAP) April 23, 2013

Initial reaction to the tweet briefly sent the Dow plunging, much to the delight of the SEA’s fans:

LOOOL the US stock market plummeted after the @ap hacked tweet#SEA

— G(@gi_syrian) April 23, 2013

@official_sea6 just keeps becoming more and more of legends :’) @ap hacked ! Hahaha #LoveThem

— Je suis fou. (@el_resistencia) April 23, 2013

Big props to the Syrian Electronic Army for this little stunt with AP. #SEA #DOW #Syria @official_sea6

— Ljubiša Isaković (@Sky_lunat1c) April 23, 2013

@ap account was hacked by the Syrian Electronic Army @official_sea6 Good job guys

— Nader Rabahieh (@NaderRabahieh) April 23, 2013

Oh. Cool, dude RT “@official_sea6: Ops! @ap get owned by Syrian Electronic Army! #SEA #Syria #ByeByeObama twitter.com/Official_SEA6/…

— BOOTS LYIN’ ™ (@bootstongan) April 23, 2013

RT @gi_syrian: I love @official_sea6 :D…God bless you all

— joenaidhie (@joenaidhie) April 23, 2013

omg @official_sea6 you guys sure showed America!!

— Lilah ~ ليلىٰ (@lkh0ja) April 23, 2013

Uh, OK.

And this accomplished…? RT @ap_mobile: Syrian Electronic Army Was Here via @official_sea6 #SEA #Syria

— Eli Clifton (@EliClifton) April 23, 2013

Good question.


Just so everyone’s clear where these “enthusiastic Syrian youths’” loyalties lie:

#SEA Username: AP Password: [email protected] , powerful enough ? #SyrianElectronicArmy

— SyrianElectronicArmy (@Official_SEA6) April 23, 2013



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