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Overnight Celebrity Tweets – March 28th, 2012




The notion of changing the #TeenageMutantNinjaTurtles back story is so alien to me.

— Jason O'Mara (@jason_omara) March 28, 2012

Whatcha think tonight???!! RT @biggestlosernbc: West Coast, it’s #BiggestLoser time!

— Alison Sweeney (@Ali_Sweeney) March 28, 2012


Lights, Camera, Action! Studio Time. http://t.co/JU2G84ZH

— Ludacris (@Ludacris) March 28, 2012

After a drone delivers my taco, any chance I could get a firefighting plane to drop 24,000 gallons of soda in my mouth?

— Stephen Colbert (@StephenAtHome) March 28, 2012

People here are SO nice! http://t.co/KrGeZksz

— Jessica Alba (@jessicaalba) March 28, 2012

8100 Likes on Facebook for Best Friends Forever…let's get it to 10k!!

— Fred Savage (@thefredsavage) March 28, 2012

Did we just punk @jimmykimmel ?? Yes we did

— Justin Bieber (@justinbieber) March 28, 2012

Why cant I ever sleep on a school night?

— MichelleTrachtenberg (@RealMichelleT) March 28, 2012

When I'm not in a scene at #BigBangTheory, I love to watch the writers and producers laugh their heads off when an actor surprises them.

— Wil Wheaton (@wilw) March 28, 2012

Ur green gingham shorts look adorbs w my evangela platformsRT @TheRBCollection: Buy my shorts now!Thank you @Macys http://t.co/QK0RdtjF

— Jessica Simpson (@JessicaSimpson) March 28, 2012

RT @IAmDubbs what's your favorite moment of your life? > When my husband and children came into my life.

— Marlee Matlin (@MarleeMatlin) March 28, 2012


Hooray hooray to my brilliant partner @MaksimC !! And nothing but love and gratitude to all who voted for us!!! xoxoxo

— Melissa Gilbert (@MelissaEGilbert) March 28, 2012

Great show San Antonio!!!

— LeAnn Rimes Cibrian (@leannrimes) March 28, 2012

MARK MY WORDS: Larry Bird will buy the Red Sox by tomorrow morning.

— rob delaney (@robdelaney) March 28, 2012

Yes [email protected]: Good things cooking with @JennyMcCarthy for April!

— Jenny McCarthy (@JennyMcCarthy) March 28, 2012

Ha! Look at those CHEEKS! ( '.' ) RT @BuddyOProof: Found a pic of @JeriLRyan from her high school days. pic.twitter.com/boQw5fjt

— Jeri Ryan (@JeriLRyan) March 28, 2012

Listening to @GavinDeGraw 's Sweeter album in anticipation of his performance on @JayLenoTonight !

— Debbie Gibson (@DebbieGibson) March 28, 2012

I wanna give my 3 millionth (!) follower something cool. How would one quantify that? Is there some sort of log?

— Neil Patrick Harris (@ActuallyNPH) March 28, 2012

Alana Campos Herold won tonight's Uno game with Cristal Camden, Ashley Hobbs, Caya Ukkas, Anna, Trisha & me.

— Hugh Hefner (@hughhefner) March 28, 2012


In case you're wondering what to get @NathanFillion for his birthday http://t.co/6IEEC2mW

— Seth Green (@SethGreen) March 28, 2012

It never fails. The second everyone in my house falls asleep, I suddenly get the urge to play really loud music 🙁

— Michelle Branch (@michellebranch) March 28, 2012

"@TaylorAshby1: chin up! Youll find that special some1!ur a special woman Hope! Have faith" ummm this had to do with Olympic qualifications!

— Hope Solo (@hopesolo) March 28, 2012

At the airport about to take off to Sydney! Haven't been to Australia in a long time, so I'm very excited for this trip! Love it there! ☺♡

— Paris Hilton (@ParisHilton) March 28, 2012



All the best, people! Gnight to all it applies to. Off to DC for the Kennedy Center concerts this weekend!

— Wayne Brady (@waynebrady) March 28, 2012

Good Night! ~ Dingo http://t.co/u2d2mkwl

— Lance Bass (@LanceBass) March 28, 2012


Very very happy to have so many new fans and friends from Chile but mi espanol es muy mal. es posible en ingles, por favor?

— jason alexander (@IJasonAlexander) March 28, 2012

Problem with watching fave shows with ur hubby (when u both travel a lot), is ur never watching TV together. My fave shows & I can't watch.

— Tricia Helfer (@trutriciahelfer) March 28, 2012

The Lorax was stolen from Dr.Seuss' widow Audrey's yard! Come on guys! http://t.co/TfScE9Nc

— Danny DeVito (@DannyDeVito) March 28, 2012

Thank you for your lovely & amazing messages. Appreciate your love, support & especially your prayers so very much #Bless

— Pauley Perrette (@PauleyP) March 28, 2012


I am on this week's episode of @nbcwdytya Friday night on NBC. That's Who Do You Think You Are? take a look. http://t.co/ZjsOT7NV

— Rita Wilson (@RitaWilson) March 28, 2012

Guys, please support my sweet pal, @RitaWilson 's CD, "AM/FM." You can check out the tracks on her FB page. Tnx!! http://t.co/P8MYKGDU

— Richard Marx (@richardmarx) March 28, 2012

@ little doms, 'erotic city' playing, remember trying to dance erotically to 'erotic city', creaky white girl moves, Ahh, good times.

— Kate Walsh (@katewalsh) March 28, 2012

goto http://t.co/gXMEzXW3 and enter the lipsync contest. WIN cash money.

— The Graytest (@MacyGraysLife) March 28, 2012

It was an honor sharing the floor w you @Martina – your grace & humility inspire – will miss your zen & beautiful http://t.co/eWym7DyQ

— Sherri Shepherd (@SherriEShepherd) March 28, 2012

Ooo Patrick Duffy on Daybreak! I used to have the biggest crush on 'Bobby'!! #loveDallas!

— OfficialAmandaHolden (@Amanda_Holden) March 28, 2012


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