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Paging Kanye West: Harry Reid claims Hurricane Katrina ‘nothing’ compared to Sandy


First Reidism of new year: @senatorreid says devastation from Katrina “nothing in comparison” to Sandy. ralstonreports.com/blog/reidism-a… #princeharry

— Jon Ralston (@RalstonReports) January 5, 2013

This was classic Reid, too: “1 million people lost their homes (in Sandy). That is homes, that is not people in those homes.” #princeharry

— Jon Ralston (@RalstonReports) January 5, 2013

The. Mind. Boggles. What if a GOPer said this? mobile.nola.com/nolabatonrouge…

— Brian Faughnan (@BrianFaughnan) January 7, 2013

On the Senate floor Friday, Democratic Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid heaped praise on Democratic New York Sen. Chuck Schumer for his efforts to pass Hurricane Sandy relief. But in his usual rhetorical overreach, Dingy Harry managed to insult the entire Gulf Coast region devastated by Katrina. Reid’s foot, meet Reid’s mouth:

The people of New Orleans and that area, they were hurt but nothing in comparison to what happened to the people in New York and New Jersey. Almost 1 million people have lost their homes; 1 million people lost their homes. That is homes, that is not people in those homes. So I think it is just unfortunate that we do not have the relief for New York and New Jersey and the rest already. It has to be done. We have to meet the needs of the American people when an act of God occurs.

Watch the video:

Outrage poured in swiftly from the right, left, and center across social media:

Harry Reid… Tell the folks in NOLA that “Katrina was nothing compared to Sandy.” Your ongoing sophistry must end.nola.com/politics/index…

— Bob Beasley (@13013B) January 7, 2013

Conservatives think the Left never criticize our own. It should be easy to see us tear Harry Reid apart for this shit.mobile.nola.com/nolabatonrouge…

— Julie Elder (@WholeLottaJulie) January 7, 2013

Yikes. RT @lizzieohreally Katrina damage “nothing in comparison” to Sandy? Harry Reid, call your office. mobile.nola.com/nolabatonrouge…

— Matt (@mattweihl) January 7, 2013

Ridiculous! RT @ronjonesreports: Senator Harry Reid says Katrina victims didn’t suffer like the Sandy Storm victims? youtube.com/watch?v=YObCx5…

— Duane Roberts (@DuaneRoberts) January 6, 2013

Has he lost his mind?! WATCH: Senator Harry Reid says Katrina was “nothing” compared to Sandy: youtube.com/watch?v=YObCx5…

— David Begnaud (@DavidBegnaud) January 6, 2013

Local Louisiana media outlets are picking up on the gaffetastic Reid’s remarks. But where’s the national media?

We already know where the Congressional Black Caucus would be if a Republican had made these same comments: at the front of the line to MSNBC’s studios to condemn the RAAAACISM.

Louisiana media picking up on Harry Reid’s atrocious floor remarks on how Katrina wasn’t as bad as Sandy: … tmi.me/FneJ4

— Ellen Carmichael (@ellencarmichael) January 6, 2013

RACIST Harry Reid Says Katrina (1500 deaths) Was Nothing Compared To Sandy (110 deaths) @senatorreidshar.es/4gj9x via @sharethis

— Oath Keeper Proud (@OathKeeperProud) January 5, 2013

And oh, yes. Paging Kanye West!

PAGING @kanyewest: Racist Harry Reid said Hurricane Katrina was “nothing In comparison” to Sandy… shar.es/4WuND

— Hardline Stance (@Hardline_Stance) January 5, 2013

Stole the words right out of our fingertips!

Heckuva job there, Harry RT @twitchyteam Paging Kanye West: Harry Reid claims Hurricane Katrina “nothing” vs Sandy bit.ly/116A87z

— Isaiah Rodriguez (@IzzyGOP_USA) January 7, 2013


Harry Reid: ‘I simply misspoke’ when I wrote off Katrina victims

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