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Pat Burrell will retire as a Phillie


Pat Burrell to retire a Phillie. That guy should be listed in the Madoff lawsuit considering how much he owned the Mets.

— Luke Cunningham (@LukeXCunningham) April 12, 2012

I'm so excited Pat Burrell is retiring as a Phillie. Awesome news.

— Cheese Loaf (@AdamChooch) April 12, 2012

Phillies fans acting like they love Pat Burrell. they hated him til 08 all of a sudden he was a fan favorite

— SB (@JerseyHawk68) April 12, 2012


Pat Burrell is back and retiring as a Phillie #DirtyLaundry. They could use his bat off the bench though…

— John R. (@johnnyrockets27) April 12, 2012

Going to Philly in May just so I can see the man I've loved since I was a little girl retire as a Phillie. Pat Burrell is my baby forevaa<3

— Tor (@torhurst) April 12, 2012

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